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Oct 21, 2011 08:28 PM

romantic spot for an anniversary dinner- anywhere in bay area

my first anniversary is approaching and im looking for a romantic place to take my SO.

money is a little tight for us so im looking for a place that will be around $100 for both of us. she will most likely have a glass of wine, while ill be having water since i dislike drinking anything else with a meal. we will also probably share a dessert.

she is a picky eater. preferably nothing asian/hispanic/mediterranean/etc. no seafood. she likes italian, maybe french.

im in santa clara and wouldn't mind driving 60-90mins, so anywhere from SF down to Monterrey/Carmel would be ok.


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  1. The unromatically named "Sardine Factory" in Monterey looks surprisingly romantic: Gets some good reviews too.

    1. Located in downtown Los Gatos this is neither French or Italian but the menu will please your wife and it fits your budget with exceptional food. The wine list is all CA and what's really nice is that you can have ANY wine by the glass @ 25% of the bottles cost. You can stroll the surrounding neighborhoods, Santa Cruz Avenue, or Old Town afterwards. It's a cozy, intimate space so reservations are highly recommended. C'est tre's romantique!

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I've got just the thing to match your budget and picky girlfriend..... 2 Mars bars, enjoy!

          1. fly, where did you end up going, and did your wife enjoy it?