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Oct 21, 2011 07:44 PM

Pumpkin Pie

Can someone suggest the best place to buy a whole pumpkin pie? I will be travelling from Decatur through Atlanta to Smyrna and pumpkin pie is to be my contribution for a Sunday picnic. North Atlanta, Marieta, Roswell, etc. would be too far off my route. Too bad Kenny's of Smyrna does not sell pumpkin pie.

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  1. Pie shop in buckhead. If its not on the weekly menu, you can still order 24 hrs in advance?

    1. The Pie Hole in Roswell - they have them this week. Great people.

      1. i kind of think both these places might be out of your way. Pie sources of last resort might be Star Provisioins, Fresh Market or Whole Paycheck Market. Regardless, I would call ahead at a few places to see if they have and if they would hold one for you. Also, if there's a local diner or restaurant that serves pumpking pie, I'm sure they wouldn't refuse to sell you a whole pie. My mom use to do this all the time with cakes.

        1. The Pie Hole in Roswell is the place to go for a fresh-baked pie. You can watch the owner making the pies right there from scratch with the freshest ingredients. Buy pies by the slice, half or whole. It is worth the extra drive, plus you can stroll down Canton Street and enjoy the scarecrow displays, shop, people-watch and enjoy....