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Oct 21, 2011 05:56 PM

Dinner at Outerlands, the Sunset?

I've scoured older posts regarding Outerlands which lead me to think that this might be a match with our eating style. Before trekking across town, I'd love some recent input. Thoughts, please?

I promise to report back.

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  1. To me its a nice neighborhood spot but not necessarily a destination.

    1. For my most recent visits, I've gone to Outerlands for lunch. I can assure you they are going strong. If you're thinking its a match for your style, then it is a destination. There is something so pure and simple and hearty or comforting about their cooking - if it clicks with you then its really spectacular. I say, go for it!

      The reason I go there for lunch is I can pick sunny days when the sidewalk tables are available, which almost doubles their capacity. If you go there on a foggy night (aren't they all?) the waits can be problematic, and the odds of getting one of their funky corner tables goes way up. But maybe the crowds have dissipated and this is not much of a concern now?

      In any case, the food is great. I love the place.

      1. They've upgraded their menu, and raised prices a bit, so this is one place where it really is a good idea to check out new reviews.

        In general, you can expect healthier, fresh ingredients, and fresh baked bread, simple prep, well executed dishes. It's a little bit hip, and a little bit hippie. I loved their brunch, and didn't mind the small portions, but I'm relieved to see their dinner menus look more meal worthy now.