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Oct 21, 2011 05:29 PM

Garlic! Garlic! Garlic?

I love garlic. A while back I 'discovered' the Chinese garlic at Superstore. There were three heads in a small bag. It wasn't overly powerful smelling and had what I thought was a gentle flavour. Yet, it delivered the way good garlic should. Now, I am very unhappy with this garlic and looking for a new source. I am not sure if it was because of the season in China and it lost it's potency having been picked in their 'fall'.
Any great tips for good, (no I mean really good) garlic heads?
Dean in Red Deer

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  1. Virtually all garlic you see in stores is from China. You can try "elephant" garlic - it tends to be milder.

    Also try any farmers markets in your area. Hopefully someone grows it and sells it around there.

    Or you can grow it yourself. It's not too late to plant for next year's harvest. And garlic keeps for a very long time. There's literally hundreds of varieties, so I'm sure you can find out that suits your tastebuds.

    1. There is lots of local Hardneck garlic in the stores and farmer's markets these days if you look for it. I've found beautiful tasting, slightly purple papered hardneck garlic (a variety or sub-species with the stiff stem coming up between the cloves, best suited for growing in cooler climates) at the Kingsland Farmer's market, Superstore (August harvest brand I think, grown in Ontario), and just today at Lina's Italian Market...(all in Calgary).

      1. Superstore sells an organic garlic in a mesh bag with a paper label that I quite like. I can't remember where it's from - Ontario maybe? Just check it before taking it home. My MIL bought some that was already sprouting.

        1. The best garlic I've found in the city has been in a couple of small indian markets in the NE. Can't recall the names, just discovered them whilst driving around. Not Chinese garlic, perhaps Californian, but large, purple skinned, very hard, aromatic and juicy.