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Oct 21, 2011 03:26 PM

Christmas in London

We'll be in London 19-26 December (departing very early Boxing Day). Two questions:

!) Food markets/fairs/flea markets with food stalls the week before Christmas?

2) We'll be staying in a hotel in the City. Dining advice for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

Would love a traditional Christmas meal. But happy to learn about anything South or East Asian that's open and great!

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  1. 1. Borough Market will be open most of Xmas week and there will probably be mulled wine/cider, carol singers and Christmas treats galore. There's also a Christmas food market on the South Bank.

    2. Most places will be closed on Christmas Day. Here's a good article about what was on offer last year. I think another poster is going to Blueprint Cafe on Xmas Day, which wouldn't be a bad option. The Boundary was open last year, and is in the City area. If you want totally non-traditional, cheap and Indian, Needoo Grill in Whitechapel opened on the 25th last year, according to the internet. Bear in mind there's also no public transport whatsoever.

    On Xmas Eve, a lot of places will be open, but may close early, so it's worth checking.