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Oct 21, 2011 02:58 PM

La Societe

Three of us will be making our first visit tomorrow night for dinner at La Societe. However, it will be a latish dinner as we're going there after "Rigoletto" so won't be sitting down for dinner until around I'm afraid I don't know whether the full dinner menu will still be available by then. Whatever, any suggestions people have for special things to look out for would be most gratefully received.

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  1. Though I haven't been there myself my friends have recommended the Prix Fixe menu. They mentioned the steak frites and warm chocolate cake were quite good.

    1. Steak frites was great and on the prix fixe. The duck confit was disappointing.
      The raw seafood tower was great but not cheap. I believe they have 2 sizes

      1. The burger and fries are a bargain for $15 ($16?) considering the location. You can't park for that.

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          Sorry, but does that mean the burger and fries were good, or great, or just cheap for the location?

        2. food is average at best. i've had most of their seafood offerings. anything steamed and plain ie oysters, crab, shrimp were fine...hard to mess those up.
          the rest of the things i've tried like the tuna tartar and salmon tartar along with the other things they offer on the seafood tower are fine. definitely not destination dining but it's a great room and a great patio in the summer.
          definitely skip the desserts....absolute waste of calories.
          i thought the service was great both times i was there.