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Oct 21, 2011 01:52 PM

New in Santa Fe

TOMME Serrano Croquettas with Piquillo and Seared Hake with Golden Raisin Sauce are welcome and exquisitely prepared additions to the previous menu. New artworks on display add a warmth to the still somewhat minimalist dining room. Vaulting to the top of Santa Fe's dining scene in such a short time would be mystifying were it not for the fine kitchen staff Max has brought over for her eponymous railyard restaurant. No white tablecloths, but a decent wine list at the same decent price as the apps. We've tried and ejoyed all the below over three visits.

heirloom tomato & mozz, corn chowder, and braised short rib slider apps
fried boneless chicken, steak frites, wagyu burger
moules mariniere, pan seared sole

SAN Q JAPANESE PUB Very pleasant and efficient staff seated us at comfortable tables after we demurred at the offer of Japanese style low-rider tables with benches. We found every item we tried well proportioned and prepared, and tasy and affordable to ensure a return visit. Among our choices, none disappointing, were the fried oysters, grilled salmon belly, kalbi barbecue and the very nice assorted sashimi platter.

PALACE BAR & RESTAURANT Palace says it's Italian. Wrong. I say it's confused. Right. Hopefully that will change. Local superstar chef. Been open over a month, but the mains were below par still. Lamb cigar app very nice. Sous vide duck breast tender but was either cooked over 135-140 degrees or else sauced to a color almost devoid of pink. Good Santa Fe style service. Saving grace was a carrot cake equal to the best I've had anywhere anytime.

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  1. Your review of the new Palace doesn't bode well. I have never had a good meal there under previous owners, Hopefully it's opening jitters.