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Oct 21, 2011 11:49 AM

great dinner southern maine

My husband and I are heading to so Maine (from Boston) for a mini-vac. We know the portland rest's a bit,,, is there anything between Portsmouth and Portland that would be a great place for dinner? I know I've read reviews of hot new places but did not retain anything...


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  1. Make the effort to get as far as Rockland (about
    1 hour 45 min north of Portland and reserve a table at Primo!!! You won't regret it.

    1. In Kennebunkport there's The White Barn Inn In Freeport, The Harraseeket Inn. both are excellent.

      The White Barn Inn
      37 Beach Avenue, Kennebunk Beach, ME 04043

      1. This past weekend we ate at 50 Local in Kennebunk and Earth at Hidden Pond in Kennebunkport. They were both good...50 Local was very casual and simple. Earth is a very cool spot, very good food. We also at at Hugo's in Portland which was amazing...definitely eat there if you can!

        1. Chef Joshua Mather, of Joshua's, in Wells, just won Top of the Crop: Maine's Best Farm to Table Chef at Harvest on the Harbor. He bested Chef Derek Federico from Five Fifty-Five, Chef Masa Miyake of Miyake, and Chef Eric Flynn of Harraseeket Inn. Call now, this just put him on the radar of the Portland foodie scene. Joshua's is a gem.

          Five Fifty-Five
          555 Congress Street, Portland, ME 04101

          Harraseeket Inn
          162 Main St, Freeport, ME 04032

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            I have to agree with Mainegal. I would put Joshua's above 50 Local. I don't think I've ever left unsatisfied.
            That being said, Hugo's and White Barn Inn are both vary good too and all 3 are very different dining experiences. White Barn is much more formal and continental, Hugo's is more about surprise and flavor profiles and Joshua's is about good, fresh (not that the others are not fresh btw) ingredients done very well.

            The White Barn Inn
            37 Beach Avenue, Kennebunk Beach, ME 04043

          2. Thanks! We did go to Primo on our last Maine jaunt. Wish we had time to go that far this trip, but time is tight. Will report back.

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            1. re: LauraBear

              Thank you for the Joshua's rec!

              We had a great dinner - started with the wild mushrooms and a mussels in blue cheese cream special. Then the chicken and a swordfish special. The food was wonderful and the service even better. They cheerfully substituted the mushroom risotto from the halibut for the potatoes on the chicken and kept bringing bread for sopping up the blue cheese cream from the mussels. Key lime pie for dessert. Perfect meal

              We also found our way to Duckfat in Portland for lunch, which was fun.