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Oct 21, 2011 09:12 AM

Nice venues for romantic meals in Algarve (Almancil / Faro / Loule / Quarteira)

Hi Chowers
Can anyone recommend some nice dinner / lunch spots in the eastern Algarve? We're heading for a week's holidays near Almancil. We normally go in early or late summer so the dining options are usually eschewed in favour of fresh fish from Quarteira market cooked simply on the grill.

Since we're going at a time when temperatures are a good bit lower, we'd like to try some restaurants. Any suggestions?

Hope you can help

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  1. In Altura A Chamine is a great seafood spot with a varied menu and good wine list.

    1. High DaveS,
      a search for "Algarve" on this forum should yeld quite a few hints. For top class food and ambiance you have the restaurant of the club house of Monte Rei golf, east of Tavira http://www.monte-rei.com/en/dining_fo...
      On the "ilha de Faro" (Faro beach, reached from the roundabout at the entrance of the airport), choice of two excellent restaurants:"Camané" and "O Costa" both famous for fish and shellfish. Camané specialises also in "arroz de marisco".
      As for Almancil, it would take a book! Two restaurants I could recommand out of hundreds (not too expensive) are Bistro des Z'artes in town and Florian in Vale Verde at the entrance of Quinta do Lago.
      In Almancil, don't miss the supermarket "Apolonia" on the main road, West side. Apart from having the best grocery in the Algarve, they have a sushi counter that makes fresh take away.

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        Thanks Monchique! We're big fans of ApoLonia from past visits. Their wine selection is excellent.

        Some acquaintances mentioned Gourmet Natural and Couleur France in the Almancil area. Do you know these 2?

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          Well, I knew it when it was called Ermitage and it was a gourmet restaurant, now I understand an Urugayan meat BBQ (I can do this at home). Couleur France, I have not been back since the French chef owner sold it. I see both restaurants have good review on "tripadvisor", so why not... As I said in my last post, one could write a book about restaurants in Almancil...