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Oct 21, 2011 09:09 AM

Knife shopping in Hong Kong

Hello everyone.
I’ll be in Hong Kong (Kowloon, Macau, or Guangdong area) for a couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone knows of any knives stores to check out.

I’ve read good things about the CCK and Shibazi cleavers, and will be looking for a thin and medium one from them or any other suggested brand. In addition, I'd like to find some Japanese steeled knives – traditional or western patterns are fine.

Any advice is would be great. Thanks

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  1. Between Causeway Bay and Wanchai:

    SCW Cutlery & Hardware (HK) Ltd
    G/F 361 Hennessy Road, Wanchai

    You can get train to Wanchai MTR then just walk up Hennessy Rd towards Causeway Bay and it's on the left side.

    They carry a wide range of good quality German and Japanese knives and Scissors.

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      Do they carry other kitchen items? I will be in HK tomorrow and would love to check out a kitchen supply store, not just knives.

      1. re: crawfish

        I'll be in HK in a few days so this is relevant to me also, small chance I might end up staying for a job.

      2. re: p0lst3r

        Thanks very much. Would you happen to know what some of the brands they carry?

      3. This reply is probably useless, but will try. In Kowloon, paralleling the broad street running parallel to the bay one street towards the bay about three blocks on the left away from the large hotels is a small shop where the older man makes knives to order. He has innumerable patterns on the door and whips up whatever you want. Got a cleaver and pocket knife some years back. The cleaver let you put all the weight over the blade so very hard cheese cut effortlessly. Cost very little and was so sharp and such good steel, never had to sharpen it, at least not yet.

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          Hi do you remember what were the hotels in the area? and which MTR station is it near?

        2. Hi there,

          In Kowloon in Shanghai St south of where it crosses Waterloo Road is where there are a lot of kitchen shops that also sell knives. A range of brands including some Japanese steel (definitely saw Kasumi) and German brands etc, but also bog standard stuff as well. It's where a lot of restaurants buy their necessities. It's actually a very cool part of Hong Kong, with Reclamation Street running parallel which still has one of the oldest markets in HK - where all the wholesale fruit comes in. Fascinating stuff.
          I've yet to find a big range of Japanese knives, maybe eat in a Japanese restaurant and find out where they buy theirs - one of my favourites is Kiyotaki in Noho, tiny, and the chef there is super friendly.