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Apr 27, 2006 02:24 AM


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Anything new at the city bakery lately? thought about dropping by it still the same stuff? because it looked empty when i last went a month or two ago. the baked good were great though...

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  1. Was there yesterday, very weird vibe. It was empty
    (around 2 PM), with only a few savory items out (languishing mac and cheese) and the usual baked goods. For a space that big nearly empty (food and people wise) I can envision their demise, when much lower-overhead Urth cafe with baked goods that is packed all hours of the day...

    1. Empty, sad and pathetic, as of yesterday...

      1. they screwed the pooch, poor business model - I think they will not be in business long, people want a place to hang out, this is not this place, even though some of the items are ok

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          Concur--what were they thinking!

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            there is sooo much empty space, maybe they ordered custom chairs and tables and are still on a boat from China? :)

            Seriously though, poorly used space, and WAY over priced. Needs to be reduced 25%-50% to be in line with other places.

        2. Visited on a Saturday, and it was reasonably busy, though not jammed. Full of the local natives: wealthy Westsiders and their kids. I can see it being deserted on a weekday; too far away from a good supply of office workers. One thing that was crowded was the parking lot.

          Food was tasty, but ridiculously overpriced. You can't get away with charging so much for cafeteria style food. $14 a pound for the buffet.

          I had heard a lot about the pretzel croissant. It was quite good, though not really much different than a regular croissant, basically a croissant with salt on it. Excellent texture and freshness, though. At $3, it wasn't really too overpriced, nor was the chocolate chip cookie I had, which was delicious.

          There is also a small counter where you can order even more overpriced items, such as latkes for $9, or a sandwich for $18.

          I don't think the modern vibe of the place fits in with the other shops in this little market. There is indeed too much open space. Vast stretches of open, unused countertops.

          1. I really can't disagree more. I think this place rocks! I love the clean minimal vibe and I love sitting at the counter. It's expensive, yes, but for what you get? I think not. Maybe you have to get the carmelized french toast. I fantasize about it. It's absolutely the best french toast I have ever put in my mouth--two huge rectangular slices (nearly 2" thick and 8-9" long) of creamy thick bread (brioche, my boyfriend says), carmelized on all sides, and served with maple syrup on the side. I was there on a weekend recently (2 weekends in a row actually, and it was fairly busy both times) and people at the next 2 tables asked us about the french toast we were having. It's really that good. Coffee is good but not great. Juice is obviously fresh-squeezed. It's also the perfect place to stop by if you want to pack a quick picnic for the beach--so easy. If you went when it first opened---go back and give it another chance!

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              You must realize that all the other posts are around 2 months old, and yours about 37 minutes ago. They may have done much to change things in those two months, and some may need to return to re-test their original opinions, as the NYC success is very different from the Brentwood version.