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Oct 21, 2011 07:21 AM

A few new things in Milford, NH...

For such a small town there are quite a few new restaurant happenings in Milford now and coming soon. Wouldn't it be amazing if they were all really good...what a food town it could be. Alas, it's a town saturated with Asian food, pizza and breakfast. Anyway, here's the list:

Closed: The Artisan Cafe
Milford Coffee and Provisions

Open: The Milford Fish Market is open under new management

Mi Jalisco: Mexican (in Shaw's Plaza) food by one of the owners of El Tapatio. Nice renovations to the interior; food is similar to places like La Carreta and El Tapatio.

Coming Soon: The Sake House (next to Subway, Kowloon Wasabi was there)

Memphis BBQ and Blues, where Milford Coffee was (by the Wilton line on 101)

My Sister's Kitchen: breakfast and lunch (?); located in the shops next to Blue Seal, it's between the gun shop and the sew/vacuum place.

La Carreta
35 Manchester Rd, Derry, NH 03053

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  1. A BBQ place in Milford? If I don't see a smoker , I'll pass.

    I saw the Mexican place a few weeks ago - the menu looked very similar to El Tapatio. Hopefully they'll put the final nail in the coffin of the miserable Amigos.

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    1. re: Msample

      The space is pretty big so I think it's possible to have one. Drove by yesterday and saw that they are working on a screened patio area.

      I'm waiting to see what happens with Amigo's too. But in this town, you can't really tell what people will think (when it comes to food anyway)

      1. re: solargarlic

        Saw that this thread was updated, but actual no new replies. Strange. The Facebook page for the BBQ place hasn't seen much activity. Anyone hear anything?

        1. re: Msample

          the owner had i guess the mods took it down. he said they have 2 smokers and will have live blues music. not sure of opening date yet.

    2. The Artisan Cafe closed? That looked like a nice place with an excellent menu. Milford's an odd town.

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      1. re: bewley

        I was at the Artisan Cafe shortly after it opened, and it was a pretty bad experience. There were only two tables occupied (mine being one) and the kitchen couldn't keep the orders straight. I don't know if they managed to work the kinks out, since the food wasn't special enough that I considered going back.
        That section of the strip mall seems to be a black hole for small restaurants; I seem to recall a chowder place there previously, and about a half dozen other places over the past 5 years or so.

        1. re: bewley

          I feel like that location is cursed, nothing makes it there for very long.

        2. I really like My Sister's kitchen. Been there a couple times and although it's on the smaller side, it didn't feel crowded. Excellent blini and their homemade jams with toast are really nice.

          1. Tried Sake House. Really wanted to like it b/c of the effort and expense they went through to try hibachi stovetop cooking in west Milford. I found it to be lacking... flavors and atmosphere just lacking.