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Oct 21, 2011 04:51 AM

Now available: Chicago-style deep dish pizza - downtown Toronto

So Trevor Wilkinson and a partner have opened an online-only deep dish pizza joint:

Corey Mintz talks about the "oops, it was supposed to be a secret" here:

Delivery only, through Should be interesting, because I have not had good experiences with OrderIt. The food takes way too long to get delivered, and is often cold by the time you get it. Good Chicago pizza needs to be fresh and hot to get the most out of the buttery crust.

Would love to hear a report if anyone tries it this weekend!

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  1. Actually, one correction to your post TorontoJo. I think the "Charlie Burger" reference was only because he managed to keep his secret for 2 years for not even one day for this spot. I don't think he is involved.

    Yeah, will be interesting to see how it works/how the pizza is.

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      Yes, you're absolutely right! That's what I get for reading the article at 7am. :) I'm still within the post edit window, so I'll fix it.

    2. I would be interested in seeing how they package this to avoid a box that looks like a pizza exploded inside it. It's only a theoretical question, because they don't deliver to my area.

      1. Not sure how big they are but $25 for a "Classic" Mozzarella, Sausage and tomato sauce seems like a lot (to me). Mickey's Pizza is significantly cheaper.

        Plus I wouldn't eat it's gotta be hot and fresh out of the oven.

        Mickey's Pizza
        1900 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5J 4B4, CA

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        1. re: LUV_TO_EAT

          Regarding the size:

          "Parlour’s deep-dish pizzas are baked in 10-inch cake pans to build a wall of crust nearly four centimetres high. There are three menu options — sausage and cheese, smoked chicken and spinach, ratatouille and mushrooms — and each pizza weighs nearly a kilogram."

          1. re: LUV_TO_EAT

            Yup, Mickey's Pizza, feed the dragon, is one of the best pizzas in the GTA.

            I drive from Warden and Steeles to get their pies. They have tols me, that people from as far as Newmarket come to them for the pies also.

            1. re: stv

              Is Mickey's on par with real Chicago Deep Dish pizza? Like Giordanos or Lou Malnati's? My SO is a transplant and has a serious craving...

              1. re: HelloBeautiful

                No idea, never been to the Windy city.

                The owner is a pizza nut. Had a great conversation with him and her, while waiting, it seems every place they traveled to is a planned pizza pie exploration.

                The way he talks about the dough, sounds just like stevel6, from this thread:

                The dough is great, not greasy, not dry, just great.

                I am glad they are far from me.

                They have great pricing also.

                THE SILVER DEAL,TWIN DRAGONS (create your own
                )two large pizzas
                7 delicious toppings combined
                (traditional crust only)
                feeds 4 - 6

                only $27 (includes 2 dragon dip)


                any two large signature pizzas, any style
                killer king or Traditional
                feeds 4 - 6

                only $32 (includes 2 dragon dip)

                any three large signature pizzas, any style
                killer king or Traditional
                feeds 6 - 10

                only $45 (includes 3 dragon dip)

                Its worth the drive.


                1. re: stv

                  Alright, I've been convinced. Will report back when I go!

          2. I emailed them to ask about their delivery zone and got an almost instantaneous reply.

            Dufferin St to Dupont St-> St Clair Ave W (Moore Ave) -> O’Connor -> Pape Ave -> Danforth Ave -> Woodbine Ave -> Lake Ontario and back to Dufferin St.

            Here is a rough estimate I mocked up on google maps... now it isn't accurate because I have not idea how they decided to get from dupont to st clair, or moore ave to pape.

            St Clair Restaurant
            69 St Clair St, Chatham, ON N7L3H8, CA

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            1. re: flying101

              I ordered the pizza today...
              Unfortunately I didn't have my camera, so these are cell phone pics...

              Both Pizzas
              Smoked Chicken

              The pizza didn't arrive hot, so I put it in the oven. The size and amount of toppings isn't very good and filling. As for the toppings, the sauce is very good, the sausage tasty. I didn't like the smoked chicken, however others eating preferred it over the classic.

              The biggest let down, the crust. It wasn't very buttery and pie like, from my experience in the states (new york and chicago) this was my favourite part of the pizza. The dense buttery and sometimes flakey crust was what made the pizza.

              but It is their 3rd day open, so they still are growing and can make changes, I will give them another try further down the road. Right now I wouldn't recommend it, wait a bit.

                1. re: flying101

                  Flying 101, great pictures, thanks! You're right about the crust. I remember clearly how buttery, flaky and crispy the Chicago deep dish pizzas were. Kind of hard to describe .... Once you've had Chicago pizza, regular pizza can't compare.

              1. The original comment has been removed