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Oct 21, 2011 04:14 AM

Speaking of Sturbridge has anyone done this dinner in Old Sturbridge Village?

A group of us booked this for March of next year. It looks like fun!

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  1. Just bringing this back up near the top.

    1. Just bookmarked the page for the Family Cooks Program, my girls are still too young but when they are of age we're IN!!

      1. We visited OSV last year and enjoyed the food alot. I've read that they lost their chef and hired someone new last month. Anyone have any info/recs about the new chef?

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          I went about 3 weeks ago and had lunch. The food was not very good and the dishes were dirty. Seeing that there has been a change in chef's I can see why.

          1. We finally got to Dinner in a country tavern last night. You start off at the admission center and then walk through the village to the parsonage. It really was beautiful with the snow on the ground and no one besides us in the village. Inside the parsonage the only light we have is candle light for the entire evening. I didn't realize that we get to cook the whole meal. We all went into groups and everyone had their assignment as to what to make. I was at the pastry station and helped make the apple pies and dinner rolls. The meal was cooked/baked on an open hearth and in the beehive even on the hearth. Anyway, the evening went by just wonderfully. We had such a good time. The meal was absolutely delicious for 1830. I did not detect any sysco "invinotheresverde". Our meal was prepared from fresh meats and vegetables and we made everything from scratch except for one small item. I highly recommend this dinner. You also get a history lesson while the cooking is going on and the helpers are dresssed in period clothing. The meals change from year to year. I would definitely want to go back in the future. The entire event takes place over 5 hours in the fall and winter.