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Oct 21, 2011 12:50 AM

ISO Salted Licorice (Salmiak)

I have a friend who has developed a love for salty licorice (salmiak) after a trip to Finland. I've been looking around Toronto for shops that might carry these treats without success. Does anyone know of any shops that might carry salty licorice?

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  1. I think they say it's Dutch, rather than Finnish, but Domino Foods, the bulk place in the north-west corner in the basement of the south St. Lawrence Market, carries salted licorice.

    St. Lawrence Market
    92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

    1. They have at Sugar Mountain at Yonge/Wellesley. All different ranges of salt-factor, too. Try the triple salted - it'll kill ya.

      1. I wish I could get the liquor here.

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          I'm pretty sure I've seen it at Bruno's. I've also come across it in dedicated candy stores. I have no idea what turnover is like in those bins, though. Last suggestion: Bulk Barn. I can't guarantee they'll have it, but they do get imported candy products in their original packages, in addition to the bulk stuff.

        2. Thanks for the recommendation of Sugar Mountain. I had no idea where to buy salted licorice in the city. I went today... It wasn't cheap, but the triple salted is amazing if you have a taste for this stuff.