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Oct 20, 2011 10:22 PM

SetteBello in Pasadena

What kind of pizza to order? And any good desserts worth ordering ?

Thanks. Also, if two people are going should we share one pizza between the two of us and order appetizers? Or just go with pizza each since te pizzas are personal sized and the appetizers here are perhaps not so great???

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  1. Margherita D.O.C., add anchovies.

    My wife (who's not that big an eater) and I finished two pizzas plus a panzanella salad (along with two cocktails and a bottle of wine). We didn't order dessert. I don't remember whether it was because we were full, or nothing appealed to us, or some combination thereof.

    We liked the panzanella salad. People also seem to like their arugula salad, simply dressed with lemon & olive oil. Either is a nice, fresh start to the meal, but I always like some kind of salad with my pizza.

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    1. re: Jack Flash

      I don't think anyone likes anything but the pizza here. Mr. Gold certainly didn't:

      And Kev, I think the thread a few levels below yours lists quite a few good pies at Settebello:

      1. re: TonyC

        Two other people in that very thread offer positive commentary on the arugula salad. And if you don't believe me on the panzanella, there is a nice picture of it on Yelp; you can see that the greens are fresh & lively; there is a healthy dose of parmesan; and the freshly toasted croutons.

        Don't get me wrong, there's nothing earth shattering about a simple salad; it is what it is (and I hate that expression). But I've had far too many salads in this town made with greens well past their peak and overdressed with gloppy dressings laden with HFCS. That's not the case here.

        1. re: Jack Flash

          I thought the arugula salad was passable-to-pretty-good.

          From the ingredients, the description on the menu, and the photo, I don't think the "panzanella" looks or sounds anything like panzanella, though I guess you wouldn't expect authentic Tuscan food at a Neapolitan place. Looks like a mixed salad with a few croutons to me.

      2. re: Jack Flash

        I have been 4 times now and I can polish off a pizza by myself, no problem (I get the margherita) and do not feel overly stuffed either.

        1. re: WildSwede

          Now that's what i like to read, Wild Swede!

          1. re: lapizzamaven

            Yep, 12 in round is the standard and it's thin-crust so it definitely ain't too heavy.

            1. re: kevin

              ;-). I did a comparison of Settebello and The Luggage Room this week (Settebello on Tues, Luggage Room last night). Settebello wins, hands down for the pizza. Admittedly, I have only had the pizza at Settebello, so I cannot comment on the salads, desserts, etc.

              Last night I went to the LR with a friend who obviously orders all courses when she goes out to eat so we ordered their small chopped salad ($5) to share. This salad was phenomenal - lettuce, olives, pistacios, cheese (they forgot our cheese, so our waitress brough us each a small cup of cheese AND she took it off the bill, which was entirely unnecessary, but not unappreciated). My friend ordered the Fallen Angel and I, of course, ordered the Margherita. The dough is not as good as at Settebello and the pizzas just seem to be too heavy. My friend hated her pizza. The sausage was almost mealy and it had fresh fennel on it that was too hard and hard to chew (maybe it would have been better if they sauteed the fennel before placing it on the pizza). We did have a winner for dessert - we shared the chocolate cake, which is like a extremely fudgy brownie with what I thought was maybe globs of Nutella or something in it. It also came with a small scoop of Pistacio ice cream and whipped cream. Out of the ball park. So for me, LR is great for the delicious salad and dessert. DO NOT MISS THEIR DELICIOUS CHILE OIL THAT IS ON THE TABLE!! I was so enamoured with it that I put some on my plate and licked it with my finger (gross, I know, and props to my dining companion who didn't even blink) trying to figure out what exactly they made it with. Delicious.

              Settebello for me is my pizza go-to. I am so glad that it is convenient. The time I went before, I had them add the prociutto crudo to my Margherita pizza. The waitress asked if I wanted it on after the pizza was baked. I said OK. What I got were tiny pieces of prociutto that were put on prior to baking. They were so buttery, porky and delicious. When I went on Tuesday, I actually had the same waitress and she remembered. I mentioned to her the meat and ordered it the same way. What I got was much larger pieces of a much drier prociutto. When I had gotten the pizza she came to me and said that it wasn't the same as she rembered it from before. I told her it was different. She thinks I may have gotten the prociutto cotto the first time by mistake. So the next time I go, I will be ordering the Margherita with P Cotto to see if it is the same.

      3. While I was at SetteBollo, a family sitting nearby ordered a nutella banana dessert pizza. It looked pretty decadent but I find that it can be hard to stomach a dessert like that after eating something substantial like pizza.

        You might want to walk to D'odici Desserts nearby for some coffee and cheesecake. The cheesecake is light and fluffy, similar to the ones you get at places like JJ Bakery.

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        1. re: crystaw

          The Nutella pizza is actually whisper-light, especially if you're sharing. An ounce or two of crust, a squirt of nutella, a few coins of sliced banana, and boom!

          1. re: condiment

            Here's a foto of a dessert pizza i had at the Eatalian Pizza spin off on was light and tasty but pushed me from border-line to full on diabetic..just kiddin but it was desserty and thin crusted, crispier than the crusts on the regular pies...hope Davide comes back cause he made great pizza!

            Eatalian Cafe
            14842 Crenshaw Blvd, Gardena, CA 90249

            1. re: condiment

              "Whisper-light" - love that turn of words!

              We went last night for our first experience - we had tickets for a late show at Laemmle. At 8:30pm it was crowded - perhaps because it was Saturday. Luckily we met two friends who were waiting for a table, and joined them - that cut down the wait from 20-25 mins to 10.
              The four of us ordered 3 Settebello pizzas (the friends, who had been there before, recommended that - so I went with it, and they both got this also), while my wife ordered the Diavolo - because they said it was spicier than others. My Settebello was tasty, but the Diavolo was better flavor for our spice loving Indian palate!
              Will go back to try more of there offerings.

          2. We were there last night for probably the 8th or so time since they've opened. Usually we split a Grande salad and split a pizza, but DH was extra hungry last night. He had the panzanella salad and a Diavolo, I had the arugula salad and the Settebello pizza, and brought half of my pizza home.

            Both salads were excellent, but I like the Grande better than the panzanella, both pizzas were delicious. Study the ingredients, check out the nightly special, look at the other pies coming out, then decide. We've had some we like more than others, but have never had one we didn't like.

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              Good advice. I have learned that I love their crushed tomatoes, so now I always ask for pizzas that don't usually come with them to add it. Just does something special. Oh, and I also always ask for them "cooked a little well done". Then it is perfect!!

            2. love the margherita d.o.c (w/ premium mozza) at settebello! one of the best neapolitan style pizzas in town.

              their dessert pie with nutella and banana is fantastic as well, enough for 2 to share.