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Oct 20, 2011 09:52 PM

What's the best thing you've ever received trick-or-treating?

Small, gift-sized boxes of Almond Roca and See's lollipops probably top the list for me,


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  1. King size anything - Butterfingers, Snickers, Milky Ways.

    1. Great question / thread idea :)

      Caramel Apples. We made sure to go to Mrs. Kight's house first so we wouldn't miss out. They were so good that may times we took a couple bites before moving on. They were the best caramel apples ever..memories make things taste better sometimes ...

      1. Ice cream cones. And not those pre-wrapped nutty buddy things. These were choose-your-flavor hand-dipped cones, given out by a family who had just moved to the neighborhood with a kid who hadn't really made any friends yet. So, probably a bribe of sorts, but when you're 10 who cares?

        1. Well, when I was a kid Trick or Treating age most houses gave full sized candy bars. They cost a nickel at that time but they were probably 1/3 larger than what costs $1 today. But one house gave comic books. I lived in the town where Dell comics were printed and that family worked in that factory. No one missed that house!

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            ... my landlords gave out full-size paperbacks (kid's choice). Big, big hit with the kids (and we got all the kids from the poorer neighborhoods too).

            The best I ever got? A full grab-bag from my neighbor (pretzels, chocolate, candycorn). She'd always make about twenty or so, and never ran out... She used to make candy apples, but when I was a kid nobody would take one from a stranger.

          2. We take our minature daschund trick or treating, she loves it and gets plenty of biscuits. One year a guy gave her an entire Costco sized box of dog biscuits, his dog wouldn't eat them. She beat us all. Took her almost a year to finish off that big score!