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Oct 20, 2011 09:25 PM

Add-ins for northern style cornbread/corn muffins

I typically bake cornbread rather than muffins because rectangular pieces store more compactly in the refrigerator than muffins do. Usually I add a little maple syrup. I have heard of blueberry corn muffins. Today, on a whim, I subbed apple cider for half the milk, cutting back on the total liquid volume by a third, and added the same volume of mashed baked kabocha (butterCUP) squash. Also a glug of maple syrup. Before baking, I topped the batter with a diced peeled Empire apple. The apple didn't sink, to my pleased surprise. I like the result a great deal. Kabocha is drier than butternut or acorn, and tastes very much like sweet potato, so I'm sure mashed sweet potato would sork as well.

The combination of apple and corn isn't common but should be. Both are such fall harvest icons.
I think just about any dried fruit would be good in a sweet cornbread/muffin, too, and some walnuts or pecans would play well. Any other ideas for sweet additions to corn batter?

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  1. how about some lemon curd? or a peanut butter and jelly version?

    1. Bake this in a cast iron skillet:

      A blue ribbon winner ......

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        Everybody already knows about bacon, peppers, cheese.....which is why I was asking for more ideas in the sweet direction. Coffee break, not accompaniment to soup/stew.

        1. re: greygarious

          The fresh corn, granulated sugar, brown sugar and the honey offer the sweetness to this recipe. But, if you missed that or didn't like those ingredients, I'm sorry I wasted your time ...

      2. I like to add some chipotles in adobo mixed with honey, but the I adore sweet/spicy combos.

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            Tart cherries, now you're talking, or dried blueberries or frozen, since fresh are passed, chopped dates, dried cranberries, or dried cranberries and fresh apples, and certainly pecans. I wonder if peaches, either dried or frozen, would work. How about orange zest?

            I'm not sure about peanut butter and jelly but a jam filled corn muffin appeals to me.

          2. chocolate chips. easily my favorite "enhancement" for corn muffins.

            or if you're not into chocolate (perish the thought!) i also love maple & cinnamon.