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Oct 20, 2011 08:20 PM

Does anyone live their food jar/thermos?

I'm shopping for a good food thermos for my husband and I to take lunch to work. For me, the microwave at wok barely works and I hate eating in the break room anyhow. For the kids, there's no micro. For my husband, well he works at an amusement park and it can be hard to get to a microwave.
The kids use ten ounce thermos jars and I want something in the 15-20 ounce range for my husband and me. I can see that they're worth the price, but for such a high cost I want to make sure I get one that has a wide enough mouth, stays pretty hot, and doesn't leak.
So far it looks like I'm going to get either a Stanley or Thermos. Does anyone use these on a regular basis? What do you like about it?

Bonus question: what do you take in your thermos and what foods seem to stay hot?

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  1. Wow this is rife with typos...sorry!

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      typos iz ok! It happens. Besides, some folks get too serious.

      I have used the Stanley for years in the field and on long trips, both the bottle for coffee and the wide mouth for soups/stews. These are the steel ones made in Tennessee. Mine are old. The new ones I have seen are now imported. And still pricey. I have not been disappointed. I think mine are approaching 25 years old aside from replacing a cup, there have been no problems.

      1. re: dcrb

        Another vote for Stanley! They are great. I also bought a Stanley food thermos from LL Bean that comes with a spoon and the kids take it to school to eat soup out of...

    2. Hi,
      I use a Zojirushi Ms Bento for my lunches It has 2 containers in the thermos part & 1 more for room temp items. I fill the thermos part with hot water for a few minutes to improve heat retention, or leave overnight in the refrigerator to keep things cool. I put my breakfast in the top portion-usually cereal or yogurt- & lunch in the thermos compartments. It comes with a carrying bag with enough room for a drink. great for portion control. I think Amazon has good prices on these-the bentos come in bigger & smaller sizes.