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Oct 20, 2011 07:57 PM

1st Visit to Atlanta, where to chow for lunch, dinner and a little nightlife action? THANKS! :)

Hello all! I've never been to Atlanta before, going last minute this Monday for a convention. We will really only have 1 full day to check out the sites before attending the convention Tues and Wednesday, so I would love a rec for a specific area/neighborhood of Atlanta to check out for lunch, dinner, walking around/browsing then a bit of nightlife. For food we are not picky at all, just want something really tasty, not too pricey. For lunch maybe $13 tops for a meal, plus drinks and tax and tip, for dinner something $20 or less for the meal plus drinks, tax and tip. For nightlife/drinks I would like a lounge, not too pricey on the drinks and not pretentious. I have heard about Buckhead being a nice area for browsing and chowin? Also, I read a bit about Little Five Points which sounds interesting, THANKS FOR YOUR RECS PLEASE! :)

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  1. You might enjoy Virginia-Highlands or Decatur. Both are walkable and offer a variety of dining, shopping and entertainment options.

    1. supposed to be warm, so id look for a place that has outside patio dining. I like Einsteins on Juniper around 12th st..There are several outside spots near South City. French American Bistro (FAB) has a great roof top dining as well