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Oct 20, 2011 07:03 PM

Dinner Rccommendations: Liliburn & Conyers

Hi, I'm new to posting. Going to Atlanta next month and will be traveling to Liliburn and near Conyers (Monastery of the Holy Spirit area). Any recommendations for dinner on my way from the airport to Liliburn? I've been to Three Blind Mice and loved it. Also looking for lunch place on the way back to the airport from Conyers. Thanks.

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  1. Hmm. Your micro-review of TBM in Liliburn caused me to check out their menus, and it sure looks impressive to me, too! Unfortunately, I'm way down south, and it'd take me at least and hour and fifteen minutes to get there, so it's probably out.

    Still, though, nice to see that!

    1. Just giving this thread a bump, because I am interested in any thoughts on decent dining options in the Conyers/Covington region. I'm in the area a few times a year to visit family. I know I'm not going to find fine dining or innovative cuisine in this area, but I would like to build up a list of places to keep in mind in order to avoid resorting to cookie cutter chain restaurants. Good southern food or BBQ would be great. Any suggestions?

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        What ziggles said. Going for the annual Thanksgiving visit. Probably won't get out much, but if I could, and could travel up to 30 minutes from Conyers during the days before turkey day, what would be worth it?

        I have a feeling lunch and take out would be easier. My in laws are from Jamaica, and patties are always a must. Also, I would love to stockpile salt fish and gandules to take back to California.