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Oct 20, 2011 06:56 PM

Holiday Gift Ideas For the Food Obsessed

The holidays are approaching and I'm starting to see lots of interesting goodies!

I thought it could be handy to have a seasonal thread.

Maybe you'll find something for your wishlist!

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  1. I'll start the thread off with this snazzy molecular cuisine starter kit. It has 50 individually proportioned packets of "chemicals" and a recipe DVD to get you started!

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    1. Wow! The same company has a molecular cocktail kit too!

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      1. re: meatn3

        Anything from Paulina's Meat Market in Chicago's Germantown (except headcheese).

      2. I've been thinking of doing the Reuben kit from Zingerman's for mr. RNR, but am not sure how to properly time shipping, and then what about storage? We live in an apt so there's no back porch or whatever I could keep it on to keep it out of the way but still cold. Has anyone done it? Also wondering how long it would keep as fresh. I mean, I'd practically have to order it for overnight shipping to arrive Xmas eve and then stay home and wait for the delivery. Too much trouble.

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        1. re: rockandroller1

          I suspect it is shipped in a cooler. You could probably add dry ice or frequently change out blue ice if you wanted to receive it a little early.

          They might even be able to time it for Christmas day - ask! Sounds like a terrific gift!

        2. The dried fruit from is to the likes of Harry&David as croissants are to Wonder Bread. AK doesn't do a lot of fancy gift combos so the baskets and bows are DIY.
          The jumbo dried Blenheim slip-pit apricots have a unique, amaretto-ish finish because they have been dried before the pit is removed. Even better are the sometimes-available ones with the pits still in them. I also love the dried cherries and dried Bartlett pears.

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          1. re: greygarious

            Those pears are my favorite of their offerings. Like heavenly candy. The other dried fruits and the walnuts are very nice too.

          2. What's with all the storebought stuff? My wife just put up a dozen or so jars of her (justifiably) famous whole berry cranberry sauce, made with wild cranberries we foraged on Cape Cod, plus oranges, nuts, raisins, and who knows what else she snuck in when I wasn't looking. Those will grace quite a few of our friends' Thanksgiving tables.

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            1. re: BobB

              Sounds luscious! I made 72 jars of various fig preserves this summer, so I'll use a few ( :-D )
              for gifts too.

              There are dozens of ideas for home made gift giving on Homecooking. So I thought it would be helpful to have a thread for really unique/wonderful ideas that are more widely available.