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Oct 20, 2011 06:18 PM

In search of great Vietnamese, Chinese, and Latin in Edmonton

I will be visiting family for 3 weeks in November and will need to have a few needs met:

1. Great Bún bò Huế & Chả cá & Bún Chả

2. Great Dim Sum - stellar chicken feet a must

3. Looking for a good latino market to buy the fixings to make pupusas Salvadoreñas.

Thanks for the help.

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  1. For the latino groceries, try Argyll Foods. It's in the plaza on the NE corner of 99th St. and Argyll Rd. Not sure exactly what you'll need for pupusas but they have the corn husks and also masa there.

    1. Dim sum - Golden Rice Bowl.

      I don't order those Vietnamese dishes often enough to be able to tell you the best place for them, so hopefully someone else will jump in. I'm more of a pho girl.

      1. For #1, Bun bo hue is Trang Tien's specialty. I haven't lived in Edmonton for a while but was in town a couple of months ago and thought they were as good as ever.

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          I read elsewhere on this board that the best Bon Bo Hue has migrated from Trang Tien to CoDo Hue on the northside - together with the chef

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            The Bon Bo Hue from Trang Tien has moved to Co Do Hue on 128th street and 140 something ave, together with the previous owner/cook

          2. Century Palace in Chinatown has excellent Feng Zhou. They steam them over slices of kabocha squash, which while unconventional really adds something to the dish. Century Palace has improved out of sight with the change of ownership and probably serves the best yum cha in Edmonton now. Cha For Tea in the west end used to be good, although I have not been for a few years, I think Golden Rice Bowl is way overpriced and overrated.

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            1. re: munchieHK

              I'd have to respectfully disagree. Since Dynasty took over, in my opinion the food has been bad to average. Cheaper? Yes. But you get what you pay for.

              1. re: anonymoose

                I agree with anonymoose.
                I tried the new the Century for Dim Sum in the last year and have no reason to go back, even though it is conveniently located for lunch. For the same price or less you get much better quality at Delicious Delicious.

                There is no "Great" ( Vancouver /Richmond level) Dim Sum in Edmonton. Golden Rice Bowl and Cha for Tea still have the better Dim Sum in town with GRB being slightly better most of the time.

                Urban China was just OK the last time I was there. And Emperor's Palace does nothing for me

                1. re: felix the hound

                  I was to Dynasty/Century Palace in December and the food was decent, but much of the food was pre-ordered off the menu before we arrived by a person in our group and only a few things were ordered off of the cart.

                  Then I went last week, again with large group over lunch, and it was not my favourite dim sum experience. As soon as we sat down, a number of carts pulled up with a variety of food choices (good), except there wasn't any choice as they filled up our table with dishes without our consent (not good) and despite out protests. We would have liked to even just know what each dish was what we were getting, but one serving of it was set down, followed by us saying no thanks, which was responded to by having another serving of the exact same dish set down. Someone finally had to hand back dishes we definitely weren't interested in and we were left with some people were either interested in or kind of interested in. I looked longingly at all of the other dishes I would have liked to try had our table not been filled with enough food for everyone is seconds.

                  I am not really sure what the case was in this situation, as I have been there a few times before with large groups and never had that issue.

                  1. re: aasg

                    I have always wondered if the cart servers work on a per dish remuneration system, as they all seem to have a distinctive mark for charging the item on your ticket