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Oct 20, 2011 05:45 PM

TOP indies IN BOCA

So far I have found the following places to be very good. What else is out there? NO CHAINS PLS!!!

Mississippi Sweets = BBQ
V&S Deli = Italian Deli
Our Original = Roast Beef Sammys & Phillys
Charm City = Broward Burger Joint (but since it's within striking distance)
Rocco's Tacos = Quasi Chain with 3 stores

I know there has to be more good food for my Boca in Boca...can you please help a Brother out? THX!

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  1. re-post this on the miami board which is badly named for South Fl

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      come on Smartie...I know you got something to share!

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        Actually Smartie that appears to have been a wise move! I got more responses in 2 hours than I had here in two months!

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          ha I know, we locals post on the Miami board but some of us look on the Florida board to re-direct others.

      2. Here's a few more worthy of mention:

        Lucille's BBQ
        La Spada's Hogies
        Talia's Tuscan Table

        1. Anything new on the Boca scene? Coming soon! Thanks

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            Once again you're on the wrong Board.