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Good Mexican food

looking for a restaurant near the western suburbs that serves good Mexican food. Not looking for gourmet. Tacos, enchiladas, fish. Thanks.

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  1. On the low end, you have El Limon in Conshohocken which serves great tacos and enchiladas. Family owned and the couple used to work at Coyote Crossing. Not sure that is west enough for you. If Blue Bell is far enough west, Tamarindos and El Sarape are good. If this area is too :central" for you, perhaps you could suggest what locales you are looking for.

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      Now i can't decide. Plaza Azteca or El Limon???

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        They really are two different kinds of places. El Limon is a little place with fewer than ten tables, and a much smaller menu than Plaza Azteca. Think of it as a family run taquiera.

        Plaza Azteca is a chain, with all normal combinations you would expect at a tex Mex restaurant. To me its a step above Chi Chi's but I would hesitate to call it authentic. But the food is good, and lots of people on this board like it.

        You might enjoy looking at this review of EL Limon with pictures http://pjsandcoffee.com/2010/10/el-li....

        And here is the web site for Plaza Azteca


    2. I like El Cactus in souderton but dunno if that is in your range.

      1. I agree with El Sarape and avoid Coyote Crossing.

        1. good suggestions so far. I used to be a big fan of la taqueria michoacana in Norristown (sp?). food is a bot greasy but very authentic mexican street food & super tasty for the price.

          1. In Chester County, Taqueria Moroleon in Avondale has good, authentic Mexican food at very reasonable prices.

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              I was just there this past Sunday, and I feel that food quality has suffered a bit. It wasn't as good as the last time I went there (which was about a year or so ago). Maybe they had to compensate and use different ingredients due to rising food costs, I dunno. It's not bad by any means, just not as good as I remembered it to be.

              If you were to travel that far out, I'd rather go to somewhere else in Kennett. I've been a fan of the hole in the wall place, La Hacienda in Kennett.

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                I've to the place that opened in the location where Moroleone used to be. I liked it the first few times, but then it seemed to deteriorate, so we went back to Tacqueria and we were pretty satisfied. They may still be getting used to their new found success in that new location -- the place is packed on weekends. All things considered, it's probably my favorite in the area.

                La Hacienda -- is that the place just off State St. in Kennett? If so, I was there once and really didn't feel a need to return.

                There's a new Mexican place opening soon on Cypress St. Well, at least we have choices.

                La Hacienda
                2500 Federal St, Camden, NJ 08105

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                Go to Plaza Azteca, up in Plymouth Meeting. Right off the blue route exit. Maybe a 10-15 min drive from Wynnewood

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                  +1 for Plaza Azteca, busy, fun, good(non-gourmet) mexican american standards. Very reasonable prices in a nice, friendly environment.

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                    Love Plaza Azteca!
                    We are going to Cantina Feliz for the first time this weekend. :)

              2. Went to this place for the first time last Monday and really enjoyed the fresh corn tortillas. In addition to trying four different tacos (super tender lengua, buche [it was tripa that night], longaniza [shredded spicy Mexican-type sausage], and tinga [shredded chicken in sauce] all dressed in cilantro and onions), we also had the chicken quesadilla, chicken sope, and chicken flautas. It was served with a bowl of freshly cut radishes as well as some red and green salsas. Although the flautas were disappointing because they were very crispy but dry on the inside and covered in too much iceberg, a sad tomato, and mish-mash of sour cream and cotija, the rest of the meal was really enjoyable. I look forward to returning and trying their other tacos and perhaps a torta which looked great coming out to other people's tables.

                Taqueria Mexico Lindo
                500 West Main Street, Norristown, PA 19401-4616
                (610) 279-6491 ‎

                Main Street Cafe
                126 E Main St, Elkton, MD 21921

                1. DH and I had a fantastic meal saturday night at Cantina Feliz. loved the decor, however the place is LOUD and the service was not fantastic.
                  but the food - oh my.
                  I had the fish tacos - fried chunks of grouper on a soft taco with chipotle slaw and avocado - came with sides of avocado crema and chipotle crema. the fish was crispy, not greasy. the combo with the slaw and the avo and the chipotle crema - SO good.
                  DH had the chicken taco - with habanero sauce, he was a happy man.
                  For dessert, we shared the Domingo Sundae - chocolate brownie, churro ice cream, caramel sauce, topped with caramel peanut popcorn and whipped cream. I wasn't sure about the popcorn - but it was perfect. that sundae was warm and cold, salty and sweet, crunchy and soft all at once. OH and spicy - there was a little kick of heat in the popcorn. So good.