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Oct 20, 2011 01:56 PM

best kitchen design

I've seen some threads on kitchen layouts but want to ask the question again. Do you have a favorite kitchen design? I've been using a galley styled kitchen for years and love having everything surrounding me. It seems the most efficient use of space. I'd like the chowhounds to weigh in on this. What are your favorite kitchen designs and why?

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  1. A U-shaped would be most efficient with the smallest work triangle.

    I think best depends on your physical space and in many cases there are limitations when remodeling

    1. I am a kitchen Designer and have to say that I have loved my last two kitchens that were U shaped with an island in the middle. Fortunetly I was able to have the space to do that type of a lay out. I like that I have a cooking zone with prep and sink area, a clean up zone adjacent to the cooking area, and another area for storage and refrigeration. It makes it easy to have 2 people working in the kitchen at the same time, and not get into each others way. See my avitar for my latest kitchen.

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        You have a gorgeous kitchen.

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          Thank you, it is a joy to cook in, I am very grateful to have it.

      2. If you have the space, a kitchen with an island is very nice as it gives the space to spread out and less time in considering real estate when cooking. I'm in Boston and my kitchen like all kitchens in Boston is very small. I really have to be neat when it comes to creating a 3-station area when battering chicken or fish (flour, egg wash, breadcrumbs) to coordinate it well. I like my kitchen to be utiliarian, but have some style to it. I have seen too many new builds with illogical choices and spaces for the placement of the stove, sink, and the workspace in between. I'm finding I'm liking the kitchen styles from Jeff Lewis (from Flipping Out fame) as his belief is the kitchen should be pretty but utilitarian in 10 years.

        One of the most important factors to me for a kitchen is lighting. My wife always complains why I need to have all of the lights on. Ample lighting is very important when designing a kitchen and special considerations need to be given for illumination especially around the workspace between the sink and the stove. In many instances, I have seen a cook work in one small space only in a large space because that's where the illumination is the best.

        1. If you are redesigning your kitchen I'd say it's important to locate the dishwasher either to the left or right of the sink depending on how you like to load. I like plenty of workspace near the range so it's easy to take hot food out of the oven with somewhere to put it down quickly.

          The kitchen I have now has a stupid waste of space area in a triangle behind the sink which is at an angle in a corner of my kitchen. I cannot stretch over the sink easily enough to clean this area so it'[s a dumb design.
          I also like drawers for silverware, cooking utensils, cloths etc, some kitchens don't have enough. I also love those pull out and turning corner units for pots and pans. I also like my units to go to the ceiling because I dislike space above them which trap dirt and grease and don't have much use.

          1. I am a big fan of the Good Eats kitchen (from the later seasons, not the one in the first few).