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Oct 20, 2011 01:16 PM

Cordoba and surrounding area

Our trip to Spain will include Cordoba. I've been searching this Board for recommendations for where to eat, but am not having much luck. It seems that Cordoba has a lot to offer in terms of sights, but not so much in terms of eating. Or do I have the wrong impression? We will have a car and will be traveling back to Portugal through the area just north of Seville. Are there any recommendations for that area of Spain?

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  1. Bodega Campos - ate twice in the tavern (there is also a fancier dining room). Exceptional ajoblanco - a must order. You will not find better. Marinated dogfish, cod, really can't go wrong here.

    Casa Mazal - Sephardic restaurant near the Casa Sefarad House Museum in the Jewish Quarter. You will actually find chicken on the menu - almost unheard of in Andalusia. Also hard to go wrong here, excellent food, loved the starter of lentils and rice, and do get the chicken.

    Heladeria Rubio, across from the Roman temple ruins on Calle Claudio Marcelo. Outstanding and unusual almond horchata. Worth the detour.

    If you manage to go to Priego de Cordoba, then El Aljibe has some gorgeous rustic dishes like goat in almond sauce and monkfish with seafood sauce.

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      Thanks, Steve, for these recommendations. We knew about Casa Mazal from other postings -- I think they might have been yours -- and will certainly go there, as well as the others. Since we have a car, we should also be able to get to Priego de Cordoba and El Aljibe. Sounds like some good choices.

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        If you go into the Sierra Subbetica (Priego), you will find yourself in the middle of olive oil country. In nearby Carcabuey there is an olive oil place off the road where you can do a tasting (just ask). Although it makes perfect sense.... I was still shocked by the low, low prices for superb quality oil. i like the mix of picudo, picual, and hojiblanca oils. I was in heaven.

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          Thanks Steve. We hadn't thought about bringing some olive oil back from Spain, but we will now.

    2. Fabulous city, haven't been there in a while, but heartily concur on Bodega Campos - try these too, some of which will be out of date/disappeared, but check on the web:

      Restaurante Churrasco, Romero 38 (+34 957 290819), open 7/7, public holidays excepted
      Bar-Taberna Sociedad de Plateros, San Francisco 6 (+34 957 470 042), closed Sun
      Restaurante Choco, Compositor Serrano Lucena 14 (+34 957 264 863), closed Sun, Mon

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        Thanks, Sue. We are very much looking forward to spending time in Cordoba. Thanks for the restaurant recommendations.