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Oct 20, 2011 01:14 PM

Stater Bros Brand Buttermilk

Only for true buttermilk lovers, I had thought that Stater Bros brand buttermilk was the best of any brand out there, - old fashioned, rich and creamy. But unfortunately, no more.

Starting today, Stater Bros has discontinued their house brand buttermilk in favor of the thinner Knudsen's - not nearly as good in my opinion. No other store brand / dairy could mach Stater's brand for it's texture and flavor. . . . .Agree?

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  1. this makes me sorry i missed stater bros. buttermilk, because knudsen is far thicker than any brand i've tried in the area.

    1. I can't say that I'm a buttermilk lover, but I'd definitely try the buttermilk from Broguiere's and Strauss Family Creamery as a comparison if you haven't already.

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      1. re: TracyS

        i've never seen broguiere's buttermilk anywhere. where do you buy it?

        1. re: linus

          It's definitely sold at the Broguiere's dairy in Montebello. I think I see it pop up at markets like Whole Foods more around the holidays too.

          1. re: TracyS

            i've never seen it at whole foods.

            1. re: TracyS

              Bristol Farms carries many broguiere's products, Call first to see if they carry the buttermilk.

              Bristol Farms
              606 Fair Oaks Avenue South, Pasadena, CA

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            I've never seen Strauss buttermilk, even in San Francisco. Where did you see it?

          3. This may be off-topic, in which case replies should probably be relegated to the Home Cooking board, but why not make your own? Even if you start with a little bit of Knudsen's commercial buttermilk, you can vary the proportions and milkfat to make it thicker or thinner as you need it.

            Of course, you can make real buttermilk (which is extremely thin) by making your own cultured butter... also quite easy.

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            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              Yes! just made butter (& buttermilk) this morning!

              I don't think i've seen states bros buttermilk around LA. if i buy it, i get it at trader joes...

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                Das Ubergeek - i would very much like to know how to make my own thick buttermilk in using a starter. how do I do this. . .please explain.

                1. re: jbermo

                  That's a topic for the Home Cooking board, so I started a thread there:

              2. Definitely a buttermilk lover. Every brand seems to have a unique flavour and texture. Right now Kate's Maine) is very good and Quebon on the Quebec side. Many years ago in Alberta used to get Foremost still my all-time favourite. I like mine with a little hot sauce or sometimes mixed with half tomato juice and a lot of hot sauce.

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                1. re: Moedelestrie

                  That sounds good! I usually eat my buttermilk on top of the rusks (I love the one with cardamom) that you can get at Ikea with some cinnamon on top. Delish! On another note, the Stater Bros string cheese is the best I have ever had. Got some over the weekend. Better than the other offerings.

                2. Another Buttermilk lover. It has been since the early 1960's since you could get real churrned buttermilk out here, the last was Arden and it was in a churn shaped waxed container. We used to have real good cultured buttermilk such as Formost, Carnation, Edgmar: all gone noiw, about the only good(tart In my opinion) is Alta Dena that you can find at Smart and Final the freshest is the tartest(farthest out expiration date). Knudsens is not very good and overpriced IMHO.