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Oct 20, 2011 09:49 AM

Ideas for easy dinner around King's Cross [London]

I'm on the lookout for somewhere interesting for a few people to grab a bite to eat near Kings Cross. I've had a good nose around the site, but can't find too much on this area. Noodle bars, cafes, or indeed anywhere not too pricey would be of great interest!

I just don't know much about this part of town, especially the area between the Pentonville Road and the canal, or even down to around Russell Square/SOAS...

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  1. Itadaki Zen for vegetarian Japanese food.

    1. Chilli Cool is a really good Sichuan restaurant about two minutes from Kings Cross. Well worth trying if you like it hot.

      Chilli Cool
      Camden, Camden Town WC1H, GB

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        Thanks, limster and AndyFilo - we ended up going to Delhi Grill in Chapel Market... covered elsewhere on this site, it fitted the need perfectly.

        But I did end up walking past the now-closed Konstam later that day - I see that it's become a Japanese restaurant called Shibuya. Looked bright and inviting - would be interested to know if it's worth stopping by...

      2. Chili Cool, sea spicy aubergine. Possibly the best dish for under a tenner in London?

        A few Ethiopian restaurants up Caledonian Road, all pretty good.

        If you wander up towards Euston, loads of great South Indian places on Drummond St.