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Oct 20, 2011 08:05 AM
Discussion papa Christos for lunch BUT it's closed on Mondays...need a great lunch spot instead

hi all,
A friend and in love papa good, so much meat...and if we stay away from the bread, it is soooo healthy.

But we canny meet on Mondays....can't do another el's not a margarita lunch and el cholos food is far from healthy.

Can you help! We can drive a mile or so, but where we can meet is right by where papa Christos Pico and Normandie

"meat lovers in the Pico-union district"

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  1. Try Bloom on Pico. Healthy salads and great lamburgers. Nice patio. BYOB.

    1. not sure it's the healthiest but you can get a half chicken at dino's for $6 just down the street on pico.

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        +1 for Dino's, Pico and Berendo, two blocks west of Vermont, just a few blocks east of Normandie. Great marinated grilled half-chickens. Usually served over fries but I'm sure you can get rice instead. Be careful, you may not go back to Papa C...

      2. Lots of Oaxacan places in that area of Pico, toward Western, if that appeals. If you're of the mind that bread is unhealthy, I'm not sure what to even recommend, but I guess you could ask to hold the tortillas? (I'm obviously confused by your request I guess). Korean places don't seem to close on Mondays, and you're really close to a huge # of those. I assume you want something sort of cheap, like <$10/entree?

        1. If you like El Salvadoran food, try El Baron about a mile to the west at Crenshaw and Pico. It's always pretty crowded.

          El Baron 1
          4212 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019

          1. we are on for Dino's today...will let you all know how delicious it is!!!

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              Next time try Mapo House in Ktown...awesome fresh, homemade Korean food.

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                So tell us how you liked Dino's!