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Oct 20, 2011 07:28 AM

New Brunswick restaurants open Monday nights for business dinner?

Need to plan a dinner for half a dozen people this Monday. We've about expended our options down here in Cranbury and are thinking that jumping on 8A up to NB might be a good idea. Problem is I really haven't eaten there aside from the Frog and the Peach over 12 years ago. (I've been there for jury duty but pizza at Filipos doesn't count!). Is NB still a foodie hotspot?

Anyway, nothing too exotic (ie-no Indian, Vietnamese, etc). Trying to keep away from Italian as we have another dinner on Wed.

All that being said, great food is the number one requirement.


The Frog and the Peach
29 Dennis St., New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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  1. Both Due Mari and Steakhouse85 are open for dinner Monday nights. Due Mari is technically italian, but more mediteranean in both feel and cuisine. These two are right up there at the top of the NB dining options and both are well suited to a business dinner.

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    1. re: seal

      Someone here at work mentioned Clydz (sp?)

      55 Paterson St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

      1. re: pktaske

        Clydz is not in the same league as either place above unless you all have a taste for game meats, and even then ...

        Btw, Frog and the Peach is fair to middling as well these days.

        I wonder if Daryl's is re-opened yet?

      2. re: seal

        Steakhouse85 would be an option but I've been dissapointed by so many high end steakhouses that I tend to stick with what I know is great. When you pay those prices...

        Their web site seems a bit hokey. I worry when a place that charges that much would put such little effort into their presentation to the public.

        How does it compare to a Flemings or Gibsons?

        1. re: pktaske

          I am not familiar with Fleming's or Gibson's, but we have been to some of NYC's premier steakhouses, including Keens, our favorite there. We've been to Steakhouse 85 several times and were very impressed with the steaks. Excellent quality and superbly prepared. I also had one of the best lobster tails I've ever had there. However, it has been quite a long time since our last visit, so I can't vouch for how things are currently.

          1. re: RGR

            Don't know why I am repeating myself, but...

            Steakhouse 85 and Due Mari are the two best high end dining options today in NB. I work there and eat there all the time and I am extremely picky (please see any of my hundreds of posts in boards from NJ to Europe).

            Stage Left and their sister joint are not worth the calories much less the money, Frog is fair but more of a lunch value for me than worth a dinner, and Clydz is only worthwhile if you plan on eating something you can't get anywhere else.

            All the other chow-worthy joints in NB are ethnic. At the high end of this, Makeda is good, as is either of the two southern/NO places, but none of them are worth bragging about. None of the italian joints are worth their red sauce. The low end ethnic options are much better, with Noodle Gourmet and some hole in the wall latin places at the top of the list.

            But please report back on your dinner wherever you end up.

            1. re: seal

              Stick with what "seal" says: Steakhouse85 and Due Mari are the best dinner experiences in New Brunswick. Your business clients will not be disappointed and neither will not bust your wallet. My wife is a steak and potatos girl from a farming family and has never been disappointed with a steak from Steakhouse85.

              Due Mari
              78 Albany St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

      3. Most of New Brunswick's better restaurants are open on Monday night so you should have no problem finding a suitable place for your business dinner.

        Another restaurant to consider is Stage Left. I ate there early this year and enjoyed the food immensely. If you go to Stage Left, however, I would recommend that you do not do the wine pairing with any of their tasting menus. We found the selection of wines to be rather odd and simply did not like a couple of them.

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        1. re: ambrose

          This looks nice. One fear I have is that 3 of the guys I'll be with are pretty big eaters. We got burned in NYC going to one of these high end places where we ended up with 8 courses and stopping for pizza at Rays on the way home. Food was great but sparse.

          If I was on my own, I think I'd go here.

          1. re: kizabrat77

            Still undecided. I think you have me leaning to Steakhouse 85. I'll write up whichever place we go. I appreciate everyones feedback!

          2. We ended up at Clydz as in the end I could not justify the NYC prices of steak at Steahouse85. Can New Brunswick really get away with charging $47 for an ala carte 12 oz tenderloin??

            Loved the feel of Clydz We were seated in the upper dining room and the weathered brick was quite handsome. The highlights of the night were the game meatballs and the diver scallops. The latter was served with pappardella in a cream sauce. Scallops were fresh and cooked perfectly. It is worth noting that I think the dish came with, if I can recall correctly: 8! of them. All of our other entrees were more in accord with the smaller portions/big presentation you normally find at higher end establishments.

            The rest of us tried the game (because we had to, right?!?!) which was ok. Heavier on taste/lacking a bit in tenderness.

            Martini's were, of course, outstanding. Bar was packed on our exit.

            I would be negligent if I did not mention the EXCELLENT service. Attentive, proactive and always available.

            Overall a great night.

            We ended up at La Spigola last night. I've posted on that also.

            Thanks to everyone for their suggestions as we'll be frequenting NB more often and intend to try them all out.

            55 Paterson St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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            1. re: pktaske

              I agree with you about the price. I can get a three course meal at Due Mari or Elements for the same price as a steak and potato at Steakhouse85. I have no desire to return to Steakhouse85

              Due Mari
              78 Albany St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901