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Oct 20, 2011 07:13 AM

bbq near wallace, nc

we're making our annual trip to myrtle for a golf week on nov 4 and planning a game at river landing in wallace on saturday. just wondering about a bbq place that we might be able to hit that day on our way into myrtle. last year we went to grady's but it may be a bit too out of the way this time. thx.

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  1. Just to be clear, you're looking for bbq on the drive between Wallace and MB on a Saturday? Will you be taking I-40 to US 17?

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      we're always willing to make a little detour for good food.

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        Well, the problem is you'd have to detour 75 miles to reach any of the good nc bbq places. A better bet might be to try a couple of options in Wilmington. I will state that i have not eaten at either of these, but friends and family in Wilmington have, and swear by them.

        The first is a relaively new food truck, Poor Piggie's BBQ. This will probably be hard to make happen, as he is only open on days when he isn't catering, and when the 'q runs out, he closes. You can check out his website here: and perhaps try to figure out if he'll be around on the day you are here.

        Another option is Two Fat Ladies Over a Simmering Pot, soul food type place in an old KFC in Wilmington. I think they are only open Fri-Sun, which should work for you. Probably a good idea to call them and make sure: 910-341-0032. Not a bbq place, but they do have excellent ribs, so I'm told. Here's a review from the Wilmington newspaper from a few years ago:

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          If you go through Wilmington then the only respectable BBQ I have found is Jackson's Big Oak BBQ. I cannot recall any BBQ on the way to Myrtle Beach. What I am going to suggest is to leave River Landing , et on Hwy 41 and go to Elizabethown to the Back Porch restaurant. Family style country cooking. Fron there you can take 701 right to Hwy 22 and into NMB.

    2. Don't know if you are looking for a sit-down place or can stand take-out, but we travel I-40 a lot to our place at Surf City, and if we are in a BBQ mood, we stop at Billy's, Exit 385, turn south, a couple of miles on the right. It's a butcher shop that will make up a take-out lunch/dinner for you. BBQ, fried chicken and sides. Not fancy, but popular with the locals and reliably good. 7-to-7, Monday-Saturday.

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        alright, thanks for the recs, we'll probably make a decision on the way down.

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          Curious if you found any BBQ in that area?