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Oct 19, 2011 05:24 PM

Taipei area: Shi Yang Shan Fang (食養山房) or Da Shan Wu Jia (大山無價)

I will be visiting Taipei in January, and was strongly considering eating at either Shi Yang Shan Fang (食養山房) or Da Shan Wu Jia (大山無價) one evening. Is one preferable to another in terms of food quality? Service? Also, I will not have a car - will this make a visit to one or the other too challenging? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. The following is for archive purposes and future information.

    Thomas Nash posted his review of Shi Yang Shan Fang here:

    The former restaurant will be a little tough to get to without a car, but you can always hail a cab. From Shi Yan Shan Fang's website:

    Our new address is as follow: No. 7, Ln.350, Sec.3, XiWan Rd, XiZhi City, Taipei County, Taiwan. The best way of transportation is by car. The driver can take National Freeway No1, get off the Freeway at XiZhi Junction, then take right on XiWan Rd until reaching the Sec. 3 of Xiwan Rd.
    For people who use public transportation, you can take Taipei Metro System to NanGang Exhibition Center Station, and then call for taxi to our new place (on a ride of approximately 25 km., at the cost of approximately 350 nt dollars).

    See the following post for pictures of food at Da Shan Wu Jia:

    And it looks like it's quite a bit of distance from the Xindian MRT stop. I'd write down the address and also mark it on a map and see if you can get someone to either tell you about the bus routes that go by or flag another cab.

    These restaurants look great, but are really quite far from each other if you have no personal transportation. I'd recommend giving each restaurant visit its own day. Good luck on your trip and with staying warm and dry in January in Taipei! Please report back!

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      Easy to catch any local train heading N from Taipei Main Station to Xike 汐科火車站. There are plenty of taxis there and they know how to get to Shi Yang (if you show them the name and address in Chinese). Walk to the N end of the (weird) station platform. The restaurant will ask you about reserving a cab to get back. Taxi costs around US$8.