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Oct 19, 2011 05:10 PM

The Break Up Diet

What was your version of the breakup diet? Me, barely consuming 300 calories for the first two weeks..then slowing adding Annie's Mac and Cheese and now day 17, a few bites of chocolate. Feeing better each day....

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  1. Stopping by the corner store on my way home from work and buying whatever looked good under the heat lamps (usually a half broiled chicken breast) or a pint of Ben and Jerry's (which would last me 4 nights). During the day, mostly coffee.

    1. Keep feeling better!

      My usual breakup "diet" had always been oinking out. Sadly, I never found that need to starve myself. I'd be rather svelte if I had those genes.

      Please eat what makes you feel better in the short run, then remember that you have the rest of your life to live and eat EVERYTHING else.

      Sending you my best wishes...

      1. Where's the beer? That's mostly been my "breakup diet".

        (In case relevant, heterogametic [XY] chromosomes for me.)

        Sorry about your pain, phelana.

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        1. re: drongo

          LOL..seriously Terrie H, in previous breakups, I'd eat. Two weeks prior to this break up I stopped eating ..During that time, I forced myself to consume a few calories. Once I ended the relationship, I did start to eat slowly but it was the Annie's Mac and comfort foods like, I am healing and eating pretty normal.

          drongo, beer must soothe the soul, eh?

          Jeri, seriously a pint lasts 4 nights? You have willpower, girl.

          1. re: phelana

            so sorry, phelana.
            Pasta with the usual comfort ingredients (cheese, eggs, bacon, sausage, cream, etc) are where I turn when I'm needing comfort. Fortunately I'm not going through a breakup, having been married for 25 years. If somehow that got broken up all bets would be off. Not sure which way I'd swing, or whether I'd go between anorexia to massive eating. I hope to never have to find out.

            1. re: phelana

              I decided if I was going to be miserable I would be thin and miserable. Because skinny=more loveable, right? When I got happier I started eating again. It has taken me many years to work out "thin and happy"! I like ice cream but I don't need much to satisfy--I can leave it alone even when I'm not depressed.

            2. re: drongo

              drongo, I'd never have guessed about the XY combo ;-D

              1. re: drongo

                I had a friend that would only do beer and avocado sandwiches, yet oddly she always lost about ten pounds.

              2. Stuff that I didn't generally get a chance to eat during the relationship due to cooking for two has to be a compromise of preferences. So lots of soup (it's also quick if you go bought and lasts for heaps of meals if you make from scratch), noodles, fish. And that roasted pork you can buy in pieces from Chinese barbecue shops, chopped up over rice and wilted green vegetables.

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                1. re: raisingirl

                  THIS! :-) things guys often don't like, like white wine and lentils. And things that are labor intensive where the effort goes up by quantity, like fresh pasta. Also things that don't keep well to make a lot, like fried anything, pancakes, and crepes. And things that are expensive, where I can buy a little just for me, like Whole Foods seafood.

                  This is a food site, and not really the place for me to go on about breakups, but I do want to extend my sympathy. I've been there, and know it's absolutely heart-wrenching. It feels like heroin withdrawal looks. Sometimes you just have to baby yourself for a bit: hide from anything that reminds you when it gets too overwhelming, and wallow when you want to. Congratulate yourself for doing the absolute necessities, and require nothing else of yourself. If cooking makes you sad right now, and you'd rather eat junk food or takeout, go for it. The breakups after you've been sort of chasing the person seem to be the most brutal. Somehow, your mind interprets his unavailability as a sign that he's fantastic and irreplaceable, and it seems to blind you to all of his flaws. It also feels like all your efforts at winning him fell short, which can feel like a waste and a major failure. I know that it will do you no good for me to say that he isn't the be-all end-all, and that you will love again just as much, and that you will love cooking and eating again. This is a knowledge that has to grow in your feelings, and it takes time. I will say that there is at least a reasonable chance that this is the most painful breakup you will ever go through. For me, a bad breakup was the catalyst in learning that rejecting me or acting distant didn't make a guy worthy of my affection. I came to feel that all of the little things I had explained away as "he's in pain!" and "he loves me, he's just fighting it!" "if circumstances were different, we'd be together!" "we don't need labels!" were nonsense and not going to fly anymore. I recognized them sooner, and I didn't waste my time with the guys who threw out warning signs of commitment-phobia early on. The guy I've been seeing for the past year learned to make perfect poached eggs recently and brings me breakfast in bed at least once a week. He's made it clear that he'll move to wherever I want to live. Whether or not the relationship works out, it's proof that love doesn't have to be so painful. It gets better.

                  1. re: jvanderh

                    JV, WOWW...that's all I can say..I truly appreciate this....If this was 20 years ago my coping would have been far different. I welcome a fun relationship with a chowhound worthy of my love....and in time I will love cooking again...eating, well it's coming. I am going to a wonderful wine tasting tonight, Merriam Vineyards and it is accompanied by a lovely cheese platter. I cannot wait. to to new dining friendships... and to you..GOOD luck..he sounds dreamy and wonderful....don't we all want a great partner to share great food and wine and life...easy and simple...that's all I want...

                    1. re: jvanderh

                      Oh yeah! That was another thing. My ex was allergic to nuts, so when he left I went through a "nuts in everything!" phase.

                  2. I can't eat when I'm under emotional duress--no appetite and my throat just feels like it's closing when I try to swallow.

                    I can, however, drink.

                    I'd say some combination of whiskey and wine is the offical sponsor of my last breakup, with some protein powder-enhanced smoothies as a morning pick-me-up.

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                    1. re: LeoLioness

                      Haven't broken up, but my beloved cat of10 years has just gone missing. Same heartache I fear. Haven't eaten for 2 days, and am seriously dehyrated by all the tears.,,
                      My heart goes out to you

                      1. re: freia

                        hugs freia, hope she/he comes back real soon

                        1. re: smartie

                          Thanks, smartie...she is/was a great cat. :(

                          1. re: freia

                            Good thoughts being sent your way, I hope she returns to you safely.
                            Just got an email from a friend whose cat dissapeared for three days. He returned a bit bruised and with an ear infection, but he did return!
                            Many hugs!

                            1. re: rabaja

                              Oh, I'm so sorry. Keep hope, I lost an 11 year old cat and found him almost 5 weeks later. It was the posters that did it, finally someone in the neighbourhood came by my place to say they'd noticed a cat matching the description hiding behind their garage.

                        2. re: freia

                          I hope s/he is found soon. Stay hopeful! I have three friends who each found their missing cats after a bit of time (4 mo., 6 mo. and 14 mo.). Each story was amazing.

                          Please know others know your heartache.

                        3. re: LeoLioness

                          Hey, me too! well, not so much the "no appetite" part, but as I move the fork toward my mouth I realize that my throat is closed and there will be no swallowing. This takes EXTREME distress though, and has only occured maybe twice in my life. Milder distress puts me knee deep in ice cream.

                          To the OP I say enjoy the weight loss because you're sure to put it back on with all those dinner dates to come ;-)