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Oct 19, 2011 04:58 PM

Trader Joe's in Naples opening?

anyone know when it's scheduled to open? I searched the Internet and can't find a date.

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  1. When I contacted Trader Joe's customer service, immediately after the first mention of it on the local news here (back whenever that was), I was told that they were hoping to open "before the end of the year". But of course, things never seem happen as quickly as is "hoped". My fingers are crossed that they meet their goals. :)

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    1. re: Mothership

      Thanks and please update this link if you hear anything. I'm on the East coast and waiting for my road trip to TJ's.


      we have a thread about it...ill be keeping an eye on our local paper as well

      1. While in Atlanta, GA a few weeks ago I asked( as always!!) WHEN TJ's would be coming to my area of FL and was told pretty much the same thing ~ they want to open in Naples hopefully in Nov or before the end of the year and that a store is slated for Sarasota in 2012 and that will probably be the end of 2012. There are several other Florida locations coming....
        can't wait

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            Oh my, I'm excited.....Sarasota, wow!! We leave tomorrow for, and I have three bags going down with the TJ's name on them!! Boy, would that be nice not to have to lug all those goodies down.