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Oct 19, 2011 04:53 PM

No love for some gems

Just got back from spending some time in Boston and don't understand why a couple of the restaurants we ate at get no love on the chowhound boards or actually even any mention. Giaccomo's and Anchovie's next door to each other are great, cheap and fun places to eat. Giacomo's could charge twice as much and probably stay as busy. Coming from the other bay area, San Francisco I found it a great unbelievably priced restaurant. Wondered on others' thoughts

Went to Toro's also and of course it was fantastic, but everyone writes about it. Wish i could get the eggplant, fried cod in black ink and braised beef on a weekly basis. It was great eating and we had no wait on a Monday night.

Interested to hear what locals think about the first two places and why there is no back bay love for these two.

1704 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

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  1. because SF is ridiculously expensive and there are better options (than those you frequented)
    in Boston.

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    1. re: Carty

      Is SF really that much more expensive than Boston?

      As Gabatta stated, Anchovies is a neighborhood joint that's been around so long, I think people forget about it. Have never been to Giacamo's but probably worth a visit.

      1. There is occasional praise for the North End Giacomo's here, at least that's how I came upon it. I've not had a bad meal there in the few times I've been. It's not my favorite place in the North End and the line can be frustrating, but I wouldn't say it is disliked here.

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        1. re: hckybg

          Rachel Ray seemed to love it when she came to town a few years back.:)

          1. re: viperlush

            Ha, well there is that. But in truth their basic pastas are good, their sauces are comforting if basic. If I had to choose one of the restaurants-with-a-line in the North End, I'd probably pick Daily Catch first, but Giacomo's is satisfying in its way. But I'd rather go to Galleria Umberto or Pizzeria Regina or Marco.

        2. I like Anchovies. Nice cozy neighborhood place with simple satisfying food. It's not a destination place, and a bit under the radar here except for those who live or have lived close by.

          Giaccomo's is fine, but for me there are many other Italian options in the area which I prefer.

          Both are actually in the South End.

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          1. re: Gabatta

            interesting comments...i was trying to say that for the price and experience these places were surprising good restaurants for an evening with friends...i realize that there are far better restaurants that would cost far more...obviously there are different categories of the bay area we would not compare the french laundry to another restaurant that is good but not of that level

            toro would be right up there in the bay area with top restaurants and once a gain the price was amazing for the level of food

            1. re: dogface

              There is far better food at the same price at Carlo's in Allston, Vinny's in Somerville, and Grappa in Watertown.

              1. re: dogface

                I think your experience has been colored by the relatively poor state of Italian chow in S.F.
                Giacomo's is average, for Boston anyway. But that should not detract from your enjoyment.

            2. I've personally only had horrible experiences at the South End Giacomo's- hideously bad service. The food is alright- better than average red sauce Italian.

              I believe Anchovies changed ownership several years ago and, in my opinion, it wasn't a good change. I think Anchovies is still a great spot to grab a cozy glass of wine at the bar and eat some fried mozzarella- but ever since they took the Fra Diavolo sauce off the menu I've been disappointed in the food.

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              1. re: Kirs

                one of the previous owners died and her partner chose to retire.

                it's always been a decent neighborhood hang with prices that cannot be beat in that neighborhood. by no means a destination, but good for what it is. i have never eaten at that giacomo's location and it's been years since i went to the original.

                we're a small city with far better options, that's all.

              2. I think these posts would tell you that these picks aren't chowhound faves because there are better, more chowish options available. That is not to say that these places are bad (although I don't personally enjoy Anchovies food) but just that there is better.