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Oct 19, 2011 04:36 PM

Attire - Lacroix?

Austin Hound in need of help. I'm packing to head to Philly and need to figure out what qualifies as "business casual" there. Le Bec Fin said no denim, so that helps, but Lacroix just said biz cas. Austin is super casual, so jeans are always okay in restaurants here. Are nice jeans and a nice top and jacket okay for Lacroix? Is Le Bec Fin very dressy?


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  1. I was just at Lacroix, and personally, I would not wear jeans there. If you are trying to choose between Le Bec Fin and Lacroix, I would go Lacroix all the way.

    1. Le Bec used to be coat required. No jeans at Lacroix and l would pick Lacroix if l had to choose between these two places.

      1. Had brunch there a few weeks back, although I did see jeans, they were few. Khaki pants and a nice shirt was the order of the day. At night, I might add a jacket.

        1. I haven't been to Lacroix in a while but have worn nice jeans, shirt, and jacket there and not felt out of place (or been made to feel out of place).

          1. Thanks for all the help Hounds! We actually ate at both Lacroix and Le Bec- Fin. We did not wear jeans, though we would not have been the only ones in denim at either restaurant if we had. I definitely agree with everyone's recommendation to blow off Le Bec-Fin for Lacroix. The food and service at Lacroix was fabulous. Though I would recommend blowing off the "cheese course" which was actually a very weak cheese dish and was not even close to the added supplement they charged for it.

            Le Bec- Fin was a comedy of errors. I called in advance to inquire about the dress code and was told that no denim was permitted in the dining room. I was evidently the only one this rule applied to since no less than half the dining room wore faded jeans with untucked shirts or t- shirts. And let's not forget the drunken geek wearing an LSU turtleneck and jeans. He and his drunken dining companions screaming about LSU all night will be the only memorable portion of the evening for everyone in the dining room.

            The room is beautiful at Le Bec- Fin. The accolades end there. The food was just okay. Fish was a bit overcooked. Meat was tough. Service tried, but seemed they didn't quite get it. Why was the butter rock hard? Kind of like the entire evening, they tried but didn't really know what they were doing. Most disappointing is the lack of enforcement of the dress code, or a code of decorum, for the dining room. When you have a table of 8 who are drunk and disorderly, you ask them to leave. When they are not dressed appropriately, as is half of the dining room, you just demonstrate that you wish you were something other than what you are. From everything I have read and heard, Le Bec - Fin used to be the place to dine. I wish I had taken the always solid recommendations of the Hounds and realized that those days are long gone.