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Food Trucks at UTC

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Seems the food court at UTC is closed until December, and the food trucks are making the rounds here to fill in the gap.


Who knew there was a Patty Melt truck - and that it was Deborah Scott's?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. SD Reader's Feast Blog had this last week. I buried a comment about it in the "Do I Want to Move to San Diego" thread; very bad form on my part.


      Almost sounds like a UTC lunchtime Chowdown excuse - if anybody else is game, we can discuss on the SDChow mail list.


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        They are now doing a giveaway on Thursdays for the 25th eater at each truck.. more info here http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/20...

      2. There was a grand total of 2 trucks when I went there around noon today. A cupcake truck and the gathering spot truck.

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          The Patty Melt truck was gone? Hmmm...I think that Beach Chick might be responsible!

          [the hyperlink above shows about 3 trucks on most days]

        2. Phee, Deborah Scott also has the Chop Soo.ey truck.