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Oct 19, 2011 02:22 PM

Viet Grill Canton

Unfortunately, it closed in August. There was a sign on the door and their phone message said (back in September) that they were re-opening (under a new name) at the end of September. Does anyone know if they reopened? The old phone number rings but now there is no answer. Other than driving to Canton, I cannot think of any other way to find out what is happening. Any Chowhounds in the Canton area that can fill us in?

Viet Grill
645 Washington St, Canton, MA 02021

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  1. As of this past Monday night, it was still closed. They are expanding to the former nail salon next door, but progressing slowly.

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      Thanks so much! Will you repost if you see them opening? There is a small group of us in Boston/Cambridge who are panting for him to reopen his doors. He is such a sweet host and the food is one of our favorites.

    2. Just took a drive out to Canton to see what was happening in this space. Well, they have reopened. Spoke with the new owner and looked at the new/remodeled space. Much more room and bright and clean. The former owner still helps out and advises, hope to see him when we go this Thursday. Crispy Hen is still on the menu! The new name is Pho 29.

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        Confirmation: Last night was their third night of being reopened. Good food with great value that really fills a niche here in Canton. We gave the Pho Ga, Crispy Hen and grilled pork chops thumbs up. Next to try: The variety of beef phos and sates.