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Oct 19, 2011 01:58 PM

Good places for lunch around Jasper and 104 Street , Edmontoin

I have recently started working in a project located in the Jasper and 104 Street area of downtown Edmonton and I need to get reacquainted with the good places for lunch nearby (e.g. Blue Plate Diner, Silk Hat, etc.).

Which are the good places for a sit down or take-out lunch nowadays within a 5 block radius?

Blue Plate Diner
10145 - 104 Street, Edmonton, AB T5J 0Z9, CA

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  1. Queen of Tarts, just down from the Blue Plate Diner.

    1. Tres Carnales, Free Press Bistro, V's Sandwiches (Viet Subs to go), Sabor Divino.

      Those are my favorites in the area!

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      1. re: kashirat

        Thanks. Any info on "I love sushi" on 105?

        P.S. Where is V's sandwiches?

      2. Silk Hat and Blue Plate are defintely two of my favourites.

        V's - if you are a hardcore vietnamese sub fan, you may not like it there, wrong bread, no pate (even if you ask for it, they don't have it because people don't want it - per lady)... I work upstairs, I know the line, I been there numerous times, just can't over the fact that their subs don't taste "traditional".

        I Love Sushi - definitely the best fast food sushi in the area. I would totally avoid Sushi-Ya. Sankyu2Go is okay.

        Japanese Village - no sushi bar anymore but I like the Teppan lunches there. Still the best Sasame steak sauce in town.

        Madisons - if you dont mind a 1.5hour lunch, that is a really good place to have a sit down lunch

        Khazana - good Indian buffet if you feel like it.

        Fantasia Noodle House - if you can get over the decor and washroom (avoid...), they have decent cheap chinese noodles. I love how crispy their fried noodles are.

        Chicken For Lunch - Not that the food is great but if you are downtown, you have to expereince lunch with Amy for a day. Thursday is Thai day, be ready for a 50+ people line that day.

        Moriaty's - any place that serves an all bacon appetitizer gets my vote. Neat little place for a sit-down lunch. Sherlock Holmes is next door, not sure if they are related.

        Sorrentinos - still my favourite among the chain, Sunny cooks there at lunch time so you get the real thing.

        Kids in the Hall - If you don't know about the project, you should google it, I am constantly amazed at what the kids can do.

        It's all Greek to me - nice break form the usual once in a while.

        Sorry for the long list, I work at 102/Jasper and I eat out everyday... Avoid Ric's (horrible food everytime), Hawelli's (recent change in ownership may improve but quality really declined at the end there, you know they are in trouble when they couldnt even take credit cards anymore), Lux (pricey lunches and really average food). Zinc (see Lux), Sabor (one good lunch followed by 4 BAD ones, probably never again), Lazia (uber busy but average food... why wait? unless you are there for the waitresses' skirts), 100 (only reason to be there is the waitresses' skirts).

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        1. re: Fergie007

          Thanks Fergie. That is a good update and answered a lot of my questions.

          I did the chowhound thing and tried Sankyu (good in a pinch) and "I Love Sushi" . ILV reminded me of what Kyoto was like when they first started and had only one location. It is better that Sankyu to Go and Kyoto nowadays. Mikado is still the edmonton benchmark for me.

          I checked the menu posted outside the Hat and it seems to be more of a burguer place than its previous encarnation

          Have you tried Boun Thai on 107 street?

        2. I work on 104 Street just south of Jasper. A few comments on suggestions already posted:
          - Yes, The Hat serves primarily burgers
          - Japanese Village closed on 100 Street, across from the Westin, but is open on 104 Street just north of 103 Avenue
          - Fantasia Noodle House has closed
          - Madison's is lovely and more upscale than the typical lunch place, and as long as you're having one course, it's usually about an hour
          - V Sandwiches - call in your order before 11:30 and you'll have less of a wait when you pick it up
          - Boun Thai - been a while since I have been there, but it was good when I did

          Although I don't go out for lunch that often, in addition to Madison's and V Sandwiches, I do enjoy:
          - MRKT - good sandwiches, also check twitter for their daily soups and special
          - Karma serves an Indian buffet
          - Zenari's in Manulife is a standby for me, with two daily soups, I also like their lasagne and their italian cold cut sandwiches
          - The Marc and Cafe Select, though Cafe Select can be painfully long

          Some other suggestions, not necessarily favourites of mine personally:
          - Wildflower Grill
          - Rigoletto's
          - Doan's
          - The Creperie

          Good luck!

          Cafe Select
          10018 106st, Edmonton, AB T5J 1G1, CA

          The Creperie
          10220 - 103 Street, Edmonton, AB T5J 0Y8, CA

          Wildflower Grill
          10009 - 107 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1J1, CA

          The Noodle House
          4815 48 Ave, Red Deer, AB T4N 3T2, CA

          1. I've been to Blue Plate Diner once and really liked it. But my hair smelled heavily of deep-fried-ness once I got out and couldn't get rid of it, despite walking the 8 blocks outdoors back to work.
            I love Tres Carnales (Rice Howard Way just north of Jasper). Tiny little place, order/pay first then get seated. Great vibe, good food - try the pulled pork carnita - soooo good.
            Agree that Japanese Village has the best sesame steak sauce. It's the same sauce that they have at their Taste of Edmonton booth every year, but for some reason they don't have it listed like that on their menu - the staff were also confused when we asked about the sauce - we had to guess which item it was and luckily it was the right one (sorry can't remember what it was called now!). It's pretty expensive though - $15+, and the rest of their sushi isn't very good. I have eaten numerous times at I Love Sushi - one of the better sushi places for the price - they have a very reasonable $10.95 bento box loaded with food (salad, 2 pieces of decent maki, rice, choice of breaded dark meat chicken with teriyaki sauce or ginger-bean sprout stir fried beef, plus a choice of sashimi, more maki, or tempura) - I'm a big eater and it even fills me up. You can also order over the phone for pick-up as it gets really busy over the lunch hour - your food will usually be ready in 10-15 minutes. Super convenient.
            Wildflower Grill is also excellent - upscale restaurant but lunch prices top out at $17, very reasonable for the quality and service.

            Blue Plate Diner
            10145 - 104 Street, Edmonton, AB T5J 0Z9, CA

            Wildflower Grill
            10009 - 107 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1J1, CA

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            1. re: impulsively

              I tried the Blue Plate Diner yesterday and my chicken club sandwich with spinach salad was good but not good enough to overcome the unrelenting din coming from the open kitchen area. I would try other items in the menu except that the noise level in the room is unpleasant, if not intolerable. . Might be a good option for take out .

              Blue Plate Diner
              10145 - 104 Street, Edmonton, AB T5J 0Z9, CA