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Oct 19, 2011 01:49 PM

Sonora Resort?

I'm considering a trip to the Sonora Resort in BC. Since it's in the middle of nowhere, I would presumably be at the mercy of their kitchen. Has anybody been, and if so would you mind posting a quick review?

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  1. I haven't personally been (my husband and brother have), but with most of the high-end fishing resorts, I've heard the food is plentiful and amazing (along with some pretty great wines).

    1. We have made two trips to Sonora, most recently in August 2010. The resort is wonderful in many ways and utterly beautiful. We found the food to have been excellent on our recent visit, on par with better Vancouver restaurants. As you may know, the price is inclusive of food, table wine and all bar charges. They had a great bar tender as well. You can call ahead and speak with the chef about what you would like to eat. We asked for local oysters for each dinner and locally caught fish mussels, etc. A highlight was dunginess crab dinner at which each of us was served a whole steamed three pound crab. None of our special offers produced extra charges. All in all worth a journey, especially if you can go as a group and charter a float plane to get there and back.

      1. My family and I stayed at Sonora Resort last summer and enjoyed the cuisine a lot. With fresh local/regional ingredients, respectful and innovative preparation, and attentive (but not in-your-face) service, not to mention, unworldly beautiful scenery, I guess it's hard to go wrong. The food was at least on par with any of the meals we've had in Vancouver, Whistler, Tofino restaurants. The wine pairings were also thoughtful. We plan on returning next summer.