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Oct 19, 2011 01:45 PM

MKE - Has anyone tried La Parihuela or Mr. Sebass?

Apparently they are two newish Peruvian restaurants located on National.

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  1. Not yet; I just heard about them for the first time last week. I hope they're good.

    1. Another site that I am part of, friends posted pictures from their recent visit to Sebass. They said it was wonderful. Aji de Gallina , a chicken dish was said to be especially good.

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        Just had lunch at Mr. Sebass. I had the papa a la huanciano ( I know I just spelled it wrong) and the lomo slatado. Both were excellent. I would descrIbe them both as excellent home cooking. Nothing fancy; and that's a good thing. I also overheard another table ravi ng over the rotisserie chicken. Mr. Sebass said that's one of their best things. I know I'm going back to try it!