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New to p'burgh

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Myself and my gf are fairly new to the Pittsburgh area, Mon Valley to be precise (she is going to DEC) and we were wondering about good places to grab a bite. The big things I am looking for are big meals at decent prices, typical college attitude really. Thanks in advance for and recs and I hope to give some feed back if I discover anything.

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  1. What is DEC, and what town do you live in?

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      Douglas Education Center

    2. Monessen is a tough area...The Back Porch in Belle Vernon is pretty good, but may be a little more than you are looking for. If you go up just North of Elizabeth, on 51, the Monkey Bar is a local place with pretty good food and good prices.


      Back Porch Restaurant
      114 Speer St, Belle Vernon, PA 15012

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        Lucchessi's great little place.

      2. That is a tough area.... Back Porch is a higher priced , more of a special occasion place.. However Speers Street Grill , directly across the street is REALLY good. Rego's in charleroi is a decent local Italian place... Red Dawgs in the Wal Mart Plaza in Belle Vernon, might also be an ok choice. If you go to California, Pa there are some college bars, Lager Heads come to mind that has ok food.

        Lucky for you , most places in that area will have the "big meals at decent prices" , now how good they are might be a different story.

        Back Porch Restaurant
        114 Speer St, Belle Vernon, PA 15012

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          Elliot's Back Street BBQ
          306 Lewis Run Rd, Route 51, Clairton, PA, 15025 - very casual place - good food.

          Ciccanti Italian Restaurant -(very close to Elliot's) - old fashion-type restaurant - good food.
          1206 Route 51
          Clairton, PA 15025

        2. I live out your way (Belle Vernon) and alsmot never go to eat near home. I'd would rather, and do, cook at home instead of going out to eat in the area, really nothing worth going to. If you need SOMETHING, the take out wonton soup at China 88 near wal mart is pretty good. Randals is good for breakfast, definitely big meals at decent prices, but really nothing you can't make at home yourself. A new Mexican restaurant and a Chinese buffet also opened up in the plaza near wal mart, haven't been to either place though so can't comment.

          China 88
          55 Sugar Run Rd Ste 107, Waynesburg, PA 15370

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            Try LENZI'S on Main St. in Monongahela near the entrance to the cemetery.- not far from Monessen. Their food is delicious and there is plenty of it. Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner.