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Oct 19, 2011 01:12 PM

Seoul Recommendations for Tokyo/Seoul Trip [moved from Japan board]

Next year, I plan to go to both Tokyo & Seoul during the same trip.

I used this board's tips for previous Tokyo visits.

Does anyone have suggestions for Seoul restaurants?

Is there a Seoul Board on Chowhound?


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  1. Don't ask why/how, but Korea inexplicably falls under the China & Southeast Asia board (it would have been better grouped in Northeast Asia with Japan).

    For Korean fine-dining, try Yongsusan:

    For Korean-inspired molecular gastronomy, Elbon the Table:

    I like Sancho for Buddhist-vegetarian cuisine, which included mountain ferns:

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    1. re: klyeoh

      Yes, Korea should fall under Northeast Asia (Geography 101)!

      Thanks so much for your tips.

      1. re: wagyulover

        wagyulover (I'm a wagyu lover too!), I'm pretty certain you would like Bong San Jib previously mentioned on this board - specifically, the chadolbaegi and the doejang jjigae. Two locations - one south of the river near COEX (tel: 552 5898), one north of the river near Samgakji Station (tel: 793-5022).

        1. re: RipCurl


          I enjoy beef brisket & soybean-paste stew.