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Oct 19, 2011 12:30 PM


We ate at Culver's for the first time earlier this week because it had gotten a positive mention in another (sports) forum. It was a really good choice.

The meat in the hamburgers approaches In-n-Out burger in freshness and preparation. That's about the highest plus marks I can give a chain burger. The ballance of meat plus lettuce etc made a great hamburger. The bun holds together.

We also had their pot roast, which is served shredded, in brown gravy on sour dough bread. It, too, was a satisfying choice.

There aren't any Culver's within a hundred miles of our place in east Tennessee. We liked it enough that we'll plan to include it in trips we take to their part ofthe world.

Next time, we'll leave space to start learning their frozen custard flavors.

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  1. As far as custard flavors go, there's just chocolate and vanilla, but they will top and/or blend with a large assortment of fruits and mix-ins. Their cherry and brownie shake is pretty great, you still get little morsels of brownie and cherries through the straw.

    1. I used to LOVE Culver's Caramel Cashew sundae. That was pre-egg allergy though - custard is a no-go for me now.

      The lemon ice is pretty good...I like to get it blended with blackberries as a 'Cooler'.

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        Ahhh... the lemon ice from Culver's. It was my wife's biggest pregnancy craving. I was making 3-4 trips a week to Culver's. I never got a chance to try it by my wife loved the stuff. Too bad we don't live near a Culver's anymore.

      2. Used to live in Austin and moved to Vegas last year. Culver's is one of the places that we miss. the burgers, pot roast sandwich, fried chicken and crinkle fries were really good. But my favorite was a simple two scoops of chocolate custard, basic and fantastic! My son loved their oreo concrete, puts DQ and other places to shame. It was a quick drive from our house, food was still hot and concrete still frozen when I got it home.
        Come out west Culvers!! Not that I expect it in the economic disaster that LV is though.

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        1. re: julesrules4food

          Culvers has a bunch of restaurants in Arizona, a few in Utah. They are getting closer to you.

          1. re: RB Hound

            Thanks RB, I had no idea they were in Arizona or Utah. We get to Arizona every so often so next time I'll check and see where they are.

        2. I envy the people of the Mid West who can go to Culvers at will. Their hamburgers are great- I love the fact that there is a real crust on it.

          1. I haven't tried them yet.Unfortunately, there isn't one out by Randolph AFB or New Braunfels, it's way out in San Antonio somewhere. I have looked at their website, and the food looks good.

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              *cough much better than In-N-Out *cough