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Oct 19, 2011 11:07 AM

Anything worthwhile in Hewlett, LI?

Will be there tommorow late morning, early afternoon..never been to Walls Bakery, will hit them up, heard they are supposed to be great classic Jewish Bakery--any place nearby for good lunch with young child in is Mother Kelly's in nearby Cedarhurst? Good pizza, burger, barbecue spot, pasta, place would work....thanks for any current info.................

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  1. Not the best place for lunch.Pantano's ,down the block from Wall's is a very good deli.The Pizza Place another 1/2 block north is pretty good.Nix to Mother Kelly's.Pearsall's on Sunrise Hgwy. in Lynbrook is a good pub.

    1. Growing up, my family bought many calories worth of baked goods (loved their chocolate babka, rugelah, and sprinkle cookies!) and rye breads from Walls. To us it was just our local bakery, but in the years since I have despaired of finding any rye bread to compare and believe me, I have tried for many years in many NYC bakeries.

      I am so curious about the place..does it live up to my recollection? Is the quality still excellent?
      Please report back if you did make it there....many thanks. I might even drive out and pay a visit someday soon..

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        We did make it to Wall's and it is a definited destination for anyone seeking old world style Jewish bakery goods--
        sampled the following:
        -Black/White Cookie: my standard test, this one was great, we got 2 of them, one of them had some sort of metal or hard foreign matter under the white icing that I bit down onto after I had eatn the other half, that was very unpleasant--and disturbing--have no idea what it was--however, the first one I ate was perfect, and was the perfect consistency, I like not overly spongy and not overly cakey dry, a fusion of both, and the icing was not gooey and not hard and plasticized either, just right and full of pure flavor...

        -Fluff cake (plain)--this was so simple looking (you can get it plain or with drizzled chocolate) you'd think it would taste like cardboard, but was airy poundcake that was just sensational--served with some fruit or just simply, really delicious and it freezes's made with whipped creamcheese I think..but it looks like pound cake with powdered sugar.

        -Rugulach--fruit one ....very rich tasting, way too buttery in my opinion--too dense--I much prefer the rugulach from Andre's in Forest Hills on Queens Blvd, there's is the best..way better than Ruthie's also,--which is nearby in Cedarhurst or Chelsea Market.

        -Miami Rolls (if you don't know what that is, I won't bother to explain) :) I've ever had, the onions and bread were so fresh--it was just indescribable...they even have onion board there big ones that looked amazing!!

        -Pump rolls,...amazing
        -Salt Sticks, amazing
        -Kids Batman Cookie with sprinkels, my kid liked, I thought it tasted disgusting--ammonia like taste--and hard as a rock...I'd not get this again
        -Rainbow cookies............perfection
        Cookies are not cheap about $14 a pound, and it can add up choose wisely...
        -Shnecken--light airy, superb
        -Chocolate Bobka--sliced................perfection, sinful

        They had a few different kinds of babka's but the flat style ones are the ones they slice--the others are the most standard lopsided shaped ones I was more familiar with....

        Since I watch my carbs, I think I went crazy enough there to have to repent for awhile..but if you can afford the calories, go for it--the breads looked amazing, especially the raisin pump and rye's--and the place looks like it hasn't changed at was clean looking even though it's very old world--and their retro looking boxes look like something out of Eastern Poland.....

        Anyway, since I don't have the prior childhood recollection of this place, I can tell you that it does meet my own recollections of old Miami Beach places--and it is well worth the drive from Queens..and I'll be back for my family members that can afford the calories!!

        1. re: janie

          Thanks for that! I will have to get out there soon!