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Oct 19, 2011 10:57 AM

Orlando - Where do you want your gelato?

Hello everyone! Gelato Gal is looking to open up a gelato shop in Orlando, but we need guidance from the local experts. Where do you envision a truely fine gelato shop should be located in Orlando to suceed with retail buisiness? Give us your opinion and why. Thank you!

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  1. In a food truck :) - Seriously, like the Big Gay Ice Cream truck in New York, you feature unique creations and go to where the demand is.

    These guys seem to be doing ok, talk to them as the food truck comunity is tight around here:

    Honestly (this might sound counter-intuitive), but the restaurant row area of Sand Lake Road might be a good idea despite what appears to be heavy competition. You see, for some reason we have THREE yogurt places within 2 miles of each other (Menchie's, Pinkberry and Froyos) but no ice cream - sometimes you just don't want yogurt ya know? Plus all these places seem to be jammed constantly.

    I don't live on the north side of town so I'll leave it to others to comment on Winter Park or Lake Mary (tho alot of places seem to be opening in the Lake Mary area


    One final piece of advice - there was already a gelato place downtown in Thornton Park and that went out of business - could be many reasons for that but thought you should know the history

    1. College Park! There's a frozen yogurt place and a Baskin Robbins, but would kill for authentic gelato!

      1. Yes! Keep the ideas rolling! We will investigate them and make a visit this December to check out the areas and ideas you recommended. Thank you!

        1. The original comment has been removed