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Oct 19, 2011 08:14 AM

San Antonio Thanksgiving 2011

Does anyone know the list of restaurants in San Antonio having Thanksgiving brunch/dinner this year?

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  1. I know the paper will publish something closer to Thanksgiving but I would like to know now like you - so if anyone has any information please let us know. I know Las Canarias will do something, and probably the Hilton and the Gunter but as I want to go out for Thanksgiving I'd like more options. Thanks.

    Las Canarias
    112 College Street, San Antonio, TX 72205

    1. I just know the hotels around here do buffets,which I can't afford.My speed is more marie Callendars or Ryan's or Jim's if I don't go to my brother's house,since sometimes they visit his wife's family in Alice,texas that is.

      1. Ruth's Chris at the airport (Concord) location is doing a $49 prefix Turkey menu as well as their regular menu from 12pm-8pm.

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