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Oct 19, 2011 02:50 AM

No. Westchester (P'ville/Chapp/Kisco) pre-HS reunion dinner?

A few old friends need a quiet (but not dead) place to catch up and steel ourselves before going to a 25th high school reunion. Looking for something casual and affordable, more than a diner but less than a trendy bistro -- not too big, not too small, not too sedate, but not too hopping. We're meeting at 5.30pm and have a couple hours to kill. The old Vinny's in Pleasantville would fit the bill, but it's long gone. In addition to towns mentioned above, we could venture a little farther afield -- Briarcliff, Ossining, Bedford Hills, Thornwood, Hawthorne -- but don't want to get too far away. (Speaking of which: would the Hawthorn Ale House, mentioned recently in the NYT, fit the bill? That Kittle House pub also sounds great, but probably a bit posh for this outing.)

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  1. village social kisco, gordos hawthorne orfinos bcliff spacarellis millwood

    1. McArthur's in Pleasantville-- Pub food. Not sedate, and not hopping. Great for conversation. Should fit your bill.

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        Boy the people on Yelp generally can't stand the place -- say it's very expensive for what it is, and what it is is average at best. Obviously, you disagree. Why?

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          But we're not Yelp :-)

          I agree about McArthur's as fitting what you're talking about.

          Which night of the week are you talking about? It will be tough to find a hospitable place (besides a bar) to kill a few hours on a Friday night.

          If you're willing to go a bit further north, I recommend Umami in Croton.

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            McArthur's is AWFUL. The food is worse than Friday's and the prices are so inflated it infuriates me.

            I think you should check out Pour, a wine bar in Mt. Kisco. I'd say Birdsall House in Peekskill but you requested quiet and I don't think BH qualifies as quiet, even at that early hour. Pour is a bit mor mellow, and it has great nibbles and a varied wine list. Also, according to their website, they take reservations for groups 8 and larger.


        2. Also in Chappaqua is Quaker Hill Tavern same idea but just smaller than MacArthurs. Also the Riviera in Pleasantville is a no frills Italian -food is good as are the prices and conducive to large groups

          Quaker Hill Tavern
          61 Bedford Rd, Chappaqua, NY 10514

          1. Nah, McArthur's isn't awful, it's Pub Food. Stick to a burger or something simple and you'll be fine. Burgers are about $12, Marinated Steak Sandwich, $15, Shepherd's Pie or Meatloaf entrees $16. All very good. It's not fine dining! But it fits the OP's request for a "not too sedate, not too hopping" perfectly! And a good place for conversation as well.

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              how much are the burgers at horsefeathers in tarrytown please?