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Oct 19, 2011 01:50 AM

4 days: tacos + chilaquiles + brisket with a 2 yo; pls review the plan so far

staying at candlewood in austin south; husband has to be at ut around 8:30 am and stays there all day friday.

im with a 2 year old toddler. id love to drive out to lexington or lockhart but i dont think i want to do it w a toddler cos i wont be able to fit in enough walking/playing time. he will just be stuck in the car seat and thats no fun for him. so great bbq is out. likewise, nicer places like fonda san miguel are out bc, well, right now i just dont want to deal with it and the toddler. maybe in a couple years.

from scanning the boards and taking into account my love of chilaquiles and tacos (esp good tortillas) and brisket here is something ive come up with:

THURSDAY fly in noonish
lunch rubys for brisket
checkin + nap for toddler
dinner la canaria stand: gorditas and tacos (corn tortillas from scratch)

without husband all day
bfast at sazon for chilaquiles; then park/playground early morn.
lunch franklins bbq; queue up by 10am. 1/2# brisket, maybe some ribs.
depending on toddlers mood, pick up masa and tortilla chips from el milagro. or not.
go back to hotel for toddlers nap.
dinner whole foods. get picnic stuff for excursion to hamilton pool

bfast la casita for chilaquiles
lunch picnic at hamilton pool
dinner rositas al pastor (tortillas from scratch). hopefully my son wont have a meltdown during dinner

bfast will go to la fogata or el taco rico or la flor (for more tortillas from scratch) -- i believe these are also all stands and not brick and mortar places.
fly home

if hubby goes on strike and refuses mexican at any point, backups are:

naus enfield drug (burgers)
hopdoddy burger bar (i hear they have good root beer and i love trying out different rootbeers)
h-e-b kosher store for the hot pastrami. im actually regretting that i dont think i can find time to go there since i am really kind of craving a really good hot pastrami. ah well. maybe next time!

if you have an opinion about anything i wrote above, id love to hear it. never been to austin and im lookin forward to spending some time with my son and husband. and i hope that hamilton pool turns out to be a fun little excursion.

thanks again in advance!

-ps if you have kids or know your parks, do you have one to recommend for friday near ut?

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  1. Great BBQ is not out. Franklin and JMueller are both in town and are better than anything in Lockhart and Luling. Snow's in Lexington is the only one that's comparable. The Lockhart and Luling joints have been really inconsistent in my dozen or so visits this past year.

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    1. re: achtungpv

      thats great. the plan to stand in line at franklins is firm. toddler in tow and hopefully slightly worn out from running around before. and maybe we will go somewhere afterwards to run around some more.

    2. This looks delicious to me. JMueller may be an easier option for you than Franklin, since the line isn't as long. Something to keep in mind, depending on the kiddos mood (I have a 3 yo, so I can relate). Zilker Park is just south of the river (not far from UT) and has a train and an excellent play ground. Please report back. I would love to hear your thoughts on our city. Hope you enjoy your trip!

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      1. re: missmitzi

        Zilker's definitely something to consider. Hamilton pool is really pretty, but be prepared for a hike from the parking lot down to the pool, it's about a quarter mile and descends. Not super steep (one site says 400 feet of elevation difference in that quarter mile), but uneven, so you'd probably have to carry him along with your picnic, it's not stroller friendly. Also, parking lot is limited to 75 cars, and then folks line up and get let in as people leave. Whether that's a problem or not likely depends on how the weather is that day.

        Also, note that I think the word is spreading about JMueller, as I tried to go Saturday, and at noon the line was pretty sizable. Not Franklin long, but it didn't seem to be moving all that quickly, so I did end up giving up after waiting a bit. Will probably try again next week and go earlier.

        1. re: willtryanythingonce

          we are set to go to zilkers.

          i did read about the hike down to the pool. i read that it would be much easier if we did not wear flipflops, so everyone will be wearing sneakers that day. we dont have a stroller but i do still carry my child on my back when he gets cranky or tired. it wont be a problem even with the descending and climibing up back. we will only carry one backpack for the 3 of us for lunch provisions, no cooler of multiple six packs + ice. most of it will be whatever looks good at the whole foods the night before + 4 bottles of water.

          i did read about the 75 car limit and we are prepared for the wait.

          even if we dont go swimming i saw pics and it just looks like a nice place to look around. the weather forecast looks promising. we just want it to be dry. coolish is okay.

        2. re: missmitzi

          ill keep jmueller in mind as i gauge my sons mood.

          zilkers is it. we dont need too much. a train! an excellent playground! and given that its a new-to-us space, we should be more than happy for 1.5-2 hours. i was looking at google maps and saw that there were 8-10 parks all in the area between where ut / franklins / sazons was. thank you for narrowing it down.

          im good about reporting back. have done so in the past, most recently with a trip a year ago to vancouver.